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Muslims Speak Out

Tolerance a Religious Imperative


Since I became Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims just fifty years ago, I have watched the world oscillate between promise and disappointment. In many cases, the disappointments can be attributed to the absence of a culture of tolerance....



Posted by The Aga Khan on July 26, 2007



This comment is in no way a response to the foregoing article. I just needed a place to post this viewpoint and share my thoughts.


No wonder the Muslim people are mislead. They breed hate and preach horrible citations of the Koran. Jewish people and Catholics are peaceful people and never do they damn Muslims. Jewish people are following their religion as its known to them from thousands of years back. How can someone say they shall be burned in hell for not believing in "Allah?" Most people do not know who Allah is in America or Israel . If you are Muslim and believe that Allah is your one and only G-d. Then so be it, the Jews and Catholic people do not wish evil upon you for that and they do not believe in Allah. And Guess what? They never will. Islam will not take over the world. I ask you Muslim man and woman. I ask you follower of the Islamic faith? Do you believe that your G-d, Allah, your creator of the Universe wishes harm on people? G-d is not evil, G-d heals, cures and blesses everyone. The extremists of Islam are so brainwashed they believe in violence and murder. There are too many extremists that put guns in the hands of innocent children and brainwash them with repetitive and manipulative teachings of the Koran. We need to stop this and start teaching children G-d is peaceful and everyone shall believe in whomever they choose. It is unsound and ludicrous for any reasonable person to think you should take another life to experience an afterlife of virgins? I respect the Islamic people that have a brain and are intelligent enough to separate these extremist teachings of evil and to continue their praise unto Allah in a peaceful manner.


The Jewish People will always prevail. They have done it for thousands of years from being slaves in Egypt , in Hitlerís regime and now they will stand even stronger and fight against the Islamic extremists and their terrorist groups. The Jewish people are the chosen people and do not be mislead. The Jewish people will always love thy neighbor and are friends of Catholics and Christians. The Jewish people praise G-d and Israel . The Jewish people encourage peace and never evildoing amongst any group of people. The Jewish people celebrate tradition of the Israelites from thousands of years back and rejoice with peace for Jerusalem . It is a beautiful culture and will never be eradicated. Not by any terrorist group, not by any teachings of the Koran. The Jewish people shall always be blessed in whatever afterlife exists that is beyond human comprehension.


Thoughts on US Foreign Policy with Israel :

USA is an ally of Israel and supports the country as it is a democracy. Israel grants freedom and rights to all women, men and children. Islam suppresses women and since there is no democracy to a free nation, there is no capitalist society that encourages free enterprise and business productivity. Therefore, much of the middle east is poor and in horrible conditions. Within these horrible conditions are people left hopeless and merciful for the things most Americans have: freedom, wealth, shelter, food, education, etc. When people are in this tragic state [middle east] they tend to commit greater crimes, steal, murder, be brainwashed by the very people against Americans because of their hate and jealousy toward America and its motto " better life for all" "One Nation" "Under G-d" with " Liberty and Justice for all"

These people need help. They need to have better living conditions. They need to be educated. They have a right to live in a free society and not at the hands of terrorists.


The war on terrorism goes deeper than sending troops to Iraq and parts of the middle east. It is something that can never be eradicated. The events during 9/11 did not happen simply because "Muslims hate Americans" It goes much deeper than that. Sending troops to stabilize Iraq helps, but we can never fully diminish this "terrorist " way of thinking. It starts from the very early years as a toddler and they become so manipulated day after day of hearing the words "Kill Americans for Allah" "Kills Jews, Praise Allah." These teachings are sick and we must educate the youth all over the world to stop this!


9/11 aftermath

Americans were simply a muse for the terrorists. The terrorists wanted attention and demanded they be heard. They want to threaten Americans and try to dissuade peaceful relations with Israel [their ally]. Israel has the strongest army along with USA 's army. These terrorist groups can never compete. They choose to fight cowardly and plan attacks underground. The terrorists kill and their minds are so twisted, there is no saving them. They will suffer the consequences of taking innocent lives. They will never see a heaven.


The Land of Israel will always belong to the Jews and shall never be destroyed. It will never happen. Terrorists can blow up all the martyrs they wish. G-d will never let Israel burn. If Allah has all the power in the world: why is Israel 's army so strong? Why do they continue to flourish after centuries of struggle and repression? Why I ask you? The spirit of the Jewish people is united and proud. Ask any Jew and they smile at the very thought of G-d's protection over Israel . The land is protected and will never be at the hands of Muslims. That is just the way it is.



I urge you to preach peace and do what you can to educate our children who are the future leaders. God Bless. Stop extremist Muslims!

June 11, 2008 1:35 AM | Report Offensive Comments

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