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26 Hadiths that are categorized as Weak Hadiths by an Islamic Site

Sunday, June 29, 2008 12:26 PM



As salaam alaikum


Recently I discovered that an Islamic Site has listed the following 26 Hadiths as Weak Hadiths. For details and comments by the author of this list please visit: 


1. "Surah al-Ikhlas is worth a third of the Qur'an."
2. The hadith about the Ninety-Name Names of Allah.

3. Allah says, "I was a hidden treasure, and I wished to be known, so I created a creation (mankind), then made Myself known to them, and they recognised Me."

4. Allah says, "Were it not for you (O Muhammad), I would not have created the universe."

5. When Allah completed creation, He wrote in a Book (which is) with Him, above His Throne, "Verily, My Mercy will prevail over My Wrath."

6. Allah says, "Neither My heaven nor My earth can contain Me, but the heart of My believing slave can contain Me."

7. "He who knows himself, knows his Lord."

8. "Where is Allah?"

9."Love of one's homeland is part of Faith."

10. "I have left amongst you two things which, if you hold fast to them, you will never stray: the Book of Allah, and my Sunnah."

11. "I have left among you that which if you abide by, you will never go astray: the Book of Allah, and my Family, the Members of my House."

12. The hadith giving ten Companions, by name, the good tidings of Paradise.

13. "If the iman (faith) of Abu Bakr was weighed against the iman of all the people of the earth, the former would outweigh the latter."

14. "I am the City of Knowledge, and 'Ali is its Gate."

15. "My companions are like the stars: whichever of them you follow, you will be guided."

16. "The differing amongst my Ummah is a mercy."

17. "My Ummah will split up into seventy-three sects: seventy-two will be in the Fire, and one in the Garden."

18. Prophecies about the coming of the Mahdi (the guided one), Dajjal (the False Christ, the Anti-Christ) and the return of Jesus Christ son of Mary.

19. Description of punishment and bliss in the grave, for the wicked and pious people respectively.

20. Intercession by the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), and the believers seeing Allah, on the Day of Judgment.

21. "Paradise is under the feet of mothers."

22. "Paradise is under the shade of swords."

23. "Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim."

24. "Seek knowledge, even if you have to go to China."

25. "The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr."

26. "We have returned from the lesser Jihad to the greater Jihad (i.e. the struggle against the evil of one's soul)."


Jazak Allah Khair 


Akbarally Meherally


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