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Hijab- Iranian style

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hijab: Iranian style

Iranians seem to be of the half-hijab style. and i understand why... i know they are some women who get mixed up in the confusion of hijab vs fashion... but many of our Iranian sisters are constantly monitored on the streets by those dubbed as the "Islamic Fashion Police", who basically want everyone in black, boring abayas. So maybe their half hijabi style is the result of rebellion again the strict rules. i dont believe anyone has the right to enforce abaya. or hijab. its a choice. however i would like to see the hair covered a bit more. besides that, the outfits are super-cute (although some are a bit/ a lot tight) and im loving the global hijabi style.

this girl is so beautiful... the pink is so nice on her. Masha'Allah.

I love the outfit the girl on the right is wearing. So stylish. I love the jacket and the scarf.

Hijabi dressing: winter style.

Love the outfit on the right: basic black and a statement headscarf.

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