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On Literacy


by Yahya Abdul Rahman - July 2, 2008



I prefer to see myself as illiterate rather than literate.


If I see myself otherwise then I become either complacent or arrogant.


The arrogance of knowing better and the complacency of one who has arrived, these I must avoid.


As I devour one book after another I see myself sinking further and further into the realm of ignorance possessing zero knowledge about anything.


I even deny that I can read.


For does reading consist of mere sounding out words on a page or computer screen, or does it also include comprehension?


How can I truly know that I comprehend what others have written?


How can I truly know that I comprehend myself?


When I say I possess knowledge then I cease to be a student and no longer pursue knowledge and instead call myself a teacher.


Those who call themselves teachers are the most ignorant of all humanity, for they claim to possess that which they have not.


Those who call themselves students admit within themselves that they have not yet arrived and thus continue their pursuit of that which they seek.


Knowledge acquired for the sake of self-purification, helping others and pleasing God is useful.


Knowledge acquired for the sake of gaining praise from others, obtaining intellectual or physical domination over others, or accumulating wealth is of no value.


Don't ask me a question because all I have is questions.

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