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Pakistan created by people with shaky faith in Allah


Mohammed Sayyed




As-Salaam O Alaykum Dear Brother

By the Grace of Allah Subhan hu wa Ta'aala I am fine here and hope the best with you Insha Allah.

The Message pasted below is my blog on internet. It is my sincerer feeling that Indian Sub continent gets united so that the Muslim population becomes approx 600 millions compared to 800 million Hindus.(Considering Indian population of 1000 Million of which 200 are muslims + 200 Millions Pakistani + 200 Millions Bangla Deshi Muslims) By this Muslims can have prominence role to play in Indian Politics as well in the international politics. I think we have to strive hard for unification of Indo-Pak and Bangla Desh to undo the politics played by RSS through Jinnah etc.  

Pakistan created by people with shaky faith in Allah.
{ Note: The below article was posted by me about a year before at .Since this forum is dedicated towards democracy I am reproducing it for discussion)

Posted: 14-Oct-2005 21:45

I read an article written by an ex-Aligharian (ex student of Aligarh Muslim University-India) wherein the author wrote the following sentence:

" Perhaps if there had been no Aligarh there would have been no Pakistan."

The above view of the ld. Author is totally contradictory to the vision of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, who established the Aligarh College only for the sole purpose of Muslims becoming equally placed with the Hindu majority. Religion and politics were never mixed even after the death of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in as much as in 1920 when the British decided to celebrate the peace after the first world war ,it were the trustees of the Aligarh College who supported the peace celebration inviting the criticism and passing of a resolution condemning their action by the 2nd Ulema Conference held in Delhi in Nov 1920 on the question of Khilafat Movement, where Mahatma Gandhi was the only non-muslim participant. It is again a matter of debate that the then Ulemas became a tool in the hands of Gandhiji who wanted to exhibit the mass support he commanded especially when the extremist congressmen were gaining much popularity than Gandhiji after the Jalianwala Bagh massacre. Gandhiji picked up the idea of encashing the Khilafat issue to gain Muslim support and he moved a resolution in the Congress Session on the matter of Khilafat. It was passed by cent percent votes except for the lone opposition vote casted by none other than Barrister Jinnah who dared Gandhiji from the dais that it was wrong to mix the politics and religion and no resolutions of religious nature be passed in the political forum. The success achieved by Gandhiji, tempted Jinnah -the pork eater and drunkard- to highlight religion in politics, and in the process Jinnah acting as puppet in the hands of Hindu Maha Sabha had weakened the Muslim strength in India. Just imagine how Muslims would have dominated the Indian Politics had there been no division of Muslims. It is absurd even to imagine remotely that the Pakistan army or the Pakistan's I S I have any love or religious affiliation to Indian Muslims and to some extent even to Pakistan's Muslims.


The aim of Pakistan army and I S I is to see that their importance is maintained at any cost and they eat more than half of Pakistan's budget by fooling that India is foe No.1 and is a threat to them- depriving the common Pakistani of their bread and butter. The nation founded by a pork eater and a drunkard having married to a non Muslim with the support of the people with shaky belief in Allah has become a heaven of worldly pleasure-far away from the Islamic teachings-to rich Pakistanis .What is Pakistan today-money of migrants, American aid, Arab aid and drug money. It has nothing to survive if these four factors are removed from the Pakistan. Compare the progress made by India. The founders of Pakistan while reasoning for the partition say that they would loose their identity if they stay in India since their culture and Hindu culture were different. The combined Muslims were divided in three parts -one remained in India, one formed the then east Pakistan and the third one formed Pakistan. Just before Pakistan celebrate its silver jubilee of creation, it got divided into two nations- Pakistan and Bangladesh. It needs no proof to state that the culture of Bengali Muslims and the Punjabi & Sindhi Muslims are totally different . The Pakistani now allege that it was India which divided them willfully forgetting that it was their own stand that two different cultures can not remain together. The present position of Indian Muslims is far far superior than the Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims. At least no Indian Muslim kill another Muslims as is happening in Pakistan. The Pakistan try to highlight that Indian Muslims are suffering in the hands of Hindus. If Pakistan really wants that Indian Muslims should not suffer then it should look after itself and should stop sending the ISI trained people to India to commit terrorist acts. The Indian Muslims have a strong belief in Allah and Insha Allah a day is not far when India will be a super power- more powerful than America and other countries. And had there been no Pakistan, the Muslims from the United India would have become the world dominating factor. Alas the few Muslim intellectuals having shaky faith in Allah and who were coward to face the Hindu phobia -forgetting to seek Allah's help for their safety and welfare chose to create Pakistan and there by ruined the Muslims in general.

May Allah help the Pakistan Army and the I S I in particular not to resist the peace efforts between India and Pakistan and the probable reunification of Great India.

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