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Story of water

If we observe a fact, we will be able to know the value of water. We know that there is two third of water and one third of land on the globe. Similarly, our body consists of two third of water. The rest is matter. So, intake of more water is useful but not harmful to the man. Depending on the weather roughly two liters of water is spent from our body everyday. The water content in vegetables and the water that we take while taking food will be more than two liters. But you may ask why should we take more water. You may also ask that whenever there is necessity body demands water, then, why should we take water when there is no demand from the body.

What water does in the body?

Man needs food for survival. But to satisfy taste buds man runs after food of various tastes. If it is just for survival we need not crave for taste. When we take spicy and tasty food, we consume more water. Is the body demanding this water or our inclination towards taste is demanding water? It means we are taking water even when there is no necessity. With this, the stomach expands. Such food does not give strength to the body. When we go for tasty food, much waste material goes into the body. To purge out that waste material two liters of water is not sufficient. What does water do after entering the body? It attracts the waste material in the blood vessels and purges it out through urine.

When we take food for taste we have to take five liters of water to purge out waste material. But we are not taking that much of water. We do not like to drink more water though it is useful since it doesn't taste like sodas and our mind is not inclined towards it. Water, which gives us health and keeps us happy, is not drawing our attention it deserves. It is unfortunate.

No water while eating

We should not take water while eating food. This is a good habit. When food enters the stomach chemical fluids generate from the walls of the stomach that help digestion. If we take water along with food these fluids are diluted and the digestion power is reduced. Then the undigested food material, which is useful, is purged out along with the excreta. That is why human excreta are becoming food for some animals. Did you ever come across an animal eating the excreta of another animal? No. Why? Animals do not drink water while taking food. They drink water leisurely when the stomach is empty. What is this paradox? Man who has intellect does not know the principles of health, what even animals know. It is not that human being does not know it. He errs even after knowing. Because of his intelligence! Animals do not possess intelligence and they do not violate the laws of nature. Nature always protects the birds and animals.

After two hours of eating

There are some more aspects worth discussing. We add more oil, tamarind, chili, salt and various ingredients to give taste to our food. But they are not easily digestible. More water is needed to digest them. That is the reason why we take water while eating. As soon as the tasty food, which includes chili, salt, sour etc enters the mouth more saliva is produced and the food slips into the stomach without proper chewing. We have to chew food properly till it becomes liquid. If you take boiled vegetables saliva is not produced in the mouth. Then we do not have to take water. After one and a half or two hours of eating food, we have to take at least a liter of water. It helps digested food get assimilated into blood and push the waste material into intestines.

What causes sneeze, asthma, and allergies?

We suffer from sneezes, asthma, allergies and sinusitis during winter and rainy seasons. We try to satisfy ourselves blaming the weather for it. During winter and rainy seasons we consume less water. When we do not take required water histamine level in the body increases. With this we sneeze and suffer from allergies. Anti histamine medicines are used to control the illness. When we stop medicines, again sneezes and allergies come back.

Five liters of water a day

It is better to take at least five liters of water a day to avoid any illness. In a way every disease in the body has something to do with water. If we take less water blood pressure goes down and we feel weak. Our heartbeat also slows down. And you will find other ailments appearing in your body. Be certain that five liters of water a day insures your body from any disease.

Schedule for drinking water

We should also know how this water is to be taken and what is the appropriate time to take it. After rising from the bed one or one and a half liters of water is to be taken. The pressure of water in intestines makes clearing your bowels easy. After another 45 minutes one more liter of water is to be taken. It is useful to take water on empty stomach. We wash our eyes, face and body with water and brush our teeth to clean the mouth. The two, three liters of water that is taken in the morning is very useful in purging out the waste material from intestines. We should never take water immediately after taking food. Half an hour early to food and after two hours of meal 1 liter of water should be taken. We should not think that since we have taken three liters of water in the morning and there is no necessity of water till evening. In between also we have to take water. In all five liters of water in a day is good for the body. Refrigerated water is never to be taken. With this, there will be swelling of tonsils. Those whose digestive system is abnormal it is better to take warm water.

Advantages from five liters of water

Let us analyze the advantages of drinking five liters a day:

  1. Free motion.
  2. Hypertension will decrease. Hypertension is the result of salt not being purged out from the body. If more water is taken, it absorbs salt and sends it out through urine.
  3. Chronic headaches will decrease.
  4. The density of blood will come down. The salt we take along with vegetables increases the density of blood. The water we take will reduce the density and blood flow to brain is smooth. With this headache will reduce.
  5. Pains and swellings in joints will diminish. If there is more salt in our body, there will be a swelling of face, feet and hands. With the water we take, salt will go out and these swellings are controlled.
  6. Drinking more water helps kidneys work efficiently. The stones formed in the kidneys will be purged out along with water.
  7. When you are down with fever, temperature can be controlled with consumption of more water. Animals suffering from fever never eat grass. Instead they drink water.
  8. Stomach pain, if any, disappears when waste material is purged out if we consume more water.
  9. Urine will be clear. We become prone to urine infections if we do not take more water. Then you will find urine yellowish. This is an indication for low level of water in the body.
  10. Water cleanses the liver. When we suffer from jaundice, it is advantageous to take more water.

Better than sodas

Intake of more water is advantageous but not harmful. You may think that sodas, butter milk, coconut water and fruit juices are better. No doubt all these liquids are good. On entering the tissues they give energy to the body. But Water helps further by purging out the waste material from the tissues.

Dry cloth absorbs water but not the wet cloth. Similarly, pure water absorbs the waste material but juices and other liquids cannot perform that job because they contain some salt that is not helpful in absorbing waste material. That is why we can say water cures all diseases.
AsSalam Alaikum
AbdurRahman Meda

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