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Desertion and Abandonment of Muslims

Shaykh `Aa'id Abdullah al-Qarnee

30 Signs of the Hypocrites

1995 Al-Irshaad

Amongst the signs of the hypocrites is that they flee from the ranks of the Muslims. This man will desert you and be pessimistic and constantly in fear. He will say: "The disbelievers are stronger than Muslims, Israel has technology and strength which Allaah does not know about!" He mocks and ridicules saying: "Are the Muslims capable of fighting America, the owner of nuclear weapons and atomic bombs? They are not capable. We Muslims are doomed to destruction and annihilation, we are weak and in poverty." This is his opinion.

Therefore, you will find that the hypocrites who have gone to the countries of the west have become brainwashed and have taken on the role of being representatives for the disbelievers, the colonialists and the foreigners. Yet they are our own sons, constantly portraying the might of America, her strengths, her rockets and her airplanes. However, in contrast they mention the weakness of the Muslims and their humiliation because they do not believe that honour and strength is from Allaah.

"To Allaah belongs all Honour and to the Messenger and the believers." [al-Munaafiqoon 63:8]

Allaah, the Sublime, says:

"If Allaah helps you, then there is none that can overcome you." [Aali-`Imraan 3:160]

"There is no help except from Allaah." [Aali-`Imraan 3:126]

"The example of those who take protectors besides Allaah is like the example of the spider which builds for itself a house, but truly the flimsiest of houses is the house of the spider." [al-`Ankaboot 29:41]

But the hypocrite does not understand that honour is with Allaah, so he constantly turns away from the Muslims.

When the jihaad that took place in Afghanistan was mentioned to him he would say: "Do you really think that the Russians will leave the mujaahidoon. They will son pulverise them. There is no comparison between the two. Russia has the abilities and powers that Allaah does not know about!" When he heard about the youth who were about to embark on jihaad, he would say: "I do not think that they will go, as I have just heard of a massive battle that the mujaahidoon, may Allaah help them, have taken a brutal thrashing." When he sees someone going to lectures or talks, he flees from him and says: "I don't see any benefit in these lectures. There is nothing in them, but Fear Allaah, Fear Allaah!" Yet are there more beautiful and beneficial words than "Fear Allaah!" Or more lofty and more noble or graceful? By Allaah never! He says to his colleagues: "Don't attend the lessons, these things go on all the time, its better for you that you stay at home, don't waste your time. You will find the most important things in the books and magazines." All of this is from the abandonment and desertion of Muslims and is one of the signs of hypocrisy. Refuge from this is only with Allaah!

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