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Letter to American Muslims

mariahussain @ 4:18 pm    January 31, 2008


Brothers and Sisters,

While hateful sentiments are certainly a normal response to US
history, never in the history of the world has hate dispelled hate.
When the Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) began to preach, the most powerful
people tried to stop him and they put the Muslims under torture and
starvation just like today. But when the Muslims grew in power and
came back to Mecca the Prophet (pbuh) decided NOT to destroy Mecca.
This decision resulted in Islam becoming the most powerful nation on
earth. God gives people victory only when they are acting for His
sake. When Ali (pbuh) was about to kill one of the enemies of Islam,
the guy spit in his face. Immediately Ali released him. When asked why
he released the man, he said that when he has spit in Ali’s face, it
made him feel angry. He knew that if he killed a man out of anger he
would burn in hell.

If we want truth and justice to prevail in the land, we have to use
cold objectivity. NOT revenge. The most powerful force is the warrior
free of emotion. Who looks where there is an opening to exploit, and
is awake. America is a house that is burning. It is falling apart. We don’t
have to do much to protest it because there is no more government.
Our country has been hijacked by criminals. There is no one in control.

Our job is to create an alternative government: SELF government. That
is actually boring and tedious work that requires you to talk to your
neighbors. It’s not as fun as being angry and vengeful. But the fact
is America is full of deceived people. Why are they deceived? Because
true Christians and Muslims, including Arabs have not been doing their
job to explain to Americans what is going on, how they are being lied
to, how they are being manipulated. In their sadness and hatred, they
wrap themselves in a shawl of fake helplessness and fake
self-righteousness. Then, when push comes to shove, they start
character assassinating or even murdering each other. What kind of
example is this to wake anyone up from their self-deception? Most
people would prefer to go back to sleep than to deal with fixing this

So when we see an opening - Americans looking around, scratching their
heads, trying to figure out the disconnect between FOX News and
reality, wondering why they voted for Bush - this is when and where we
are needed. We have known the truth for years. Here we have a group of
people willing to listen. And what do Muslims and Arabs do, and
leftist peace activists? They behave arrogantly. They turn up their
noses and gossip with each other. To say that they are “following God”
is as absurd as George Bush saying he is following God. They are both

The neocons are going to split with the money and after that the
entire country of USA will be bankrupt like Detroit, Michigan. At that
point, Islam will become the dominant force and we will take over the
social services and participate in re-educating the people so that
they can overcome their delusions.

Basically if you want to “do something” about the situation in the
world you can either submit to your lust for revenge and talk about
how much you hate Americans and want them all dead, or you can BE
America. If you are so great, then why are YOU not doing what it takes
to turn this country around? All it takes is 20 people per precinct to
elect whoever you want into office. Why are you sitting on your behind

I’m tired of all the arrogant bad-mouthing by Muslims, towards those
of us who are working 18 hours a day to save this country and help the
people shake off the Federal Government. Do you want to help us shake
off the Feds or not? At this stage of history Muslims are marching in
lockstep with the Jews. Don’t you want to do something new? Since this
“attitude” of yours has NOT stopped a single death of one Iraqi in 16
years? Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same
thing over and over and expecting different results.

Now, and this is urgent: if anyone really wants to stop the neocon
rampage that is destroying the world, then join the movement of
Americans who are intensely organizing to stop the neocons. Ron Paul
is running as a Republican but his philosophy does not have anything
to do with Reagan or Bush. He is a Constitutional Libertarian. That
means he wants you to be able to keep your money instead of giving it
to the Federal Government. Given that your biggest sin as a Muslim is
those income taxes you pay that get sent to Israel, you should be the
first in line to make sure you offer yourself as a human shield to
protect Ron Paul’s life and help him totally. He is not a figurehead
that’s going to “make it all better.” All he has promised to do is
give you back your money and let YOU run your life instead of letting
the Federal government do it.

If all you had to do to stop Iraqis and Afghanis and Africans from
dying like flies is that you had to organize your neighborhood and
start talking to people and encouraging them to work together
politically, why not?

The real reason a lot of Arabs and Muslims hate Ron Paul is simply
because they are LAZY. They use their anger as an excuse to become
paralyzed with grief and rage, and therefore they are of no use to
anyone. As long as you just keep having your post traumatic stress
symptoms and inflicting more and more pain on those who love you,
there is no way you are going to stop Israel or America. You will just
turn America into Iraq. And what will that solve? Who is going to
clean up the mess that America made, if you kill America?

No, America will have to work for the next seven generations to clean
up the mess we made and it’s YOUR responsibility to make sure that we
do. Join the movement for Liberty, or at least clean up your own act.

The basic underlying reason that the Liberals are trying to pressure
Muslims not to help Ron Paul, and filling their heads with vacuous
garbage, is because the “peace movement” WANTS to disarm everyone.
They WANT a strong Federal Government that not only takes the guns
away from the American citizens but also takes the guns away from the
citizens of other countries. It makes us more manageable. One of the
basic disagreements that Muslims and Arabs usually have with Liberal
peace activists is the issue of whether or not Muslims and Arabs have
the right to bear arms against their military occupiers. They think
that we should all take the “higher road” of allowing ourselves to be
killed, in order to not be seen as “naughty.”

Only Ron Paul has a long history of defending the American people’s
Constitutional right to bear arms, and that specifically included a
person’s right to own assault weapons. That makes freedom sound like
the real thing, not just the choice between Coke or Pepsi. Peace
activists are at core loyal to the Jews. They fear American freedom as
much as the pro-war people. They want to wrap themselves in a fake
cloak of self-righteousness and feigned helplessness, and just stand
there with a sign that says “Peace.” “Peace! Peace!” is what a bunch
of hippies were shouting while a gangster pounded a friend of mine’s
head on the sidewalk, breaking his teeth. Slogans of peace do not stop
a bully. The bottom line when it comes to the definition of freedom is the
personal right to bear arms and the necessity of protecting this basic
Constitutional liberty.

That is why Muslims need to wake up and join the true citizens of
whatever country they are in, and stop joining the Jews in undermining
the integrity of their own country. Freedom is not about popularity and
self-gratification. As Khomeini taught, “True Revolution is about
self-sacrifice.” The biggest sacrifice Muslims can make without
breaking a single fingernail is sacrificing their egos: start
considering their non-Muslim neighbors as human, and work together on
a local level to make sure America survives even if the federal
administration goes belly up. If there is no more gasoline and the
stores have no more food on the shelves, do we have a plan yet?

Allah knows best.

Umm Yakoub

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