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JI launches drive to promote headscarf


Thursday, September 04, 2008
By Asim Hussain


AS the Muslims across the globe observe World Hijab Day on Thursday (today), Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan has launched a vigorous campaign to promote headscarf among the countrywomen besides countering negative propaganda against Hijab.

The JI women wing opened two shops in Karachi and Lahore simultaneously on Wednesday with the name of “Qawareer Fashion” selling new designs of headscarves. JI Women Wing secretary Sameea Raheel Qazi says her organization plans to open more Hijab centers in the country to promote the basic Islamic obligation for women to cover themselves properly.

Qawareer Fashion in Lahore situated inside Mansoorah was inaugurated by JI ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad at a simple but impressive ceremony organized by JI women wing and attended by hundreds of women belonging to JI and other religious groups besides others representing different walks of life. Wife of Qazi Hussain Ahmad and other leaders, including Senators Kausar Firdaus and Aafia Sarwar, were also present.

Addressing the gathering, Qazi Hussain Ahmad said the spirit of World Hijab Day was to counter the western propaganda linking Hijab with backwardness, terrorism and repression of women.

He said the secular lobbies involved in anti-Islam propaganda ridiculed all Islamic principles but their prime targets were Hijab and Jihad since they enjoyed key positions in fortifying and promoting Islam.

Qazi said the secular elements attacked Hijab by attributing it to the oppression of women in Muslim society whereas it was the symbol of women’s modesty, prestige and honour in the Muslim society.

Citing the Hadith of the holy prophet (pbuh) that ‘Modesty is the characteristic of my Ummah’, Qazi expressed sorrow that the modesty of a large section of Muslim women was vanquished under secular and western cultural onslaught.

Women’s hijab was shredded and she was made a tool of advertisement and entertainment, and was being exploited to sell the commodities, he lamented. Qazi praised the women adhering to Hijab saying it reflected a great commitment.

He said the Muslim women observing Hijab Day showed that they observed Hijab for the sake of modesty and honour. Qazi said Muslim men held women in high respect, “our heads bow before them for their honour and respect.”

He wondered why the infidels around the world were feeling threatened by Hijab, saying they probably felt it was the symbol of Muslim civilization’s renaissance.

Qazi said many western governments had banned Hijab like France, Holland and Denmark terming it a religious symbol and holding that they could not allow a religious symbolism in their secular societies.

Qazi said such a plea was the worst kind of violation of women’s rights since Muslim women took Hijab to obey Allah besides protecting themselves and considered it a mean of their security.

Qazi also criticized joint celebration of Independence Day at Wagah border, saying the dresses of women dancing on both sides of the border were no different.

He reminded that Islam kept half share of women in inheritance and relieved her of all responsibilities of providing food and shelter to the family since man was made responsible for them.

He said western family system was in shambles since they made their women overburdened with responsibilities of providing subsistence. He said the western media was also tarnishing Islam in the garb of suicide attacks.

Later, Qazi presented scarves to the woman journalists present on the occasion.

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