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Dismantling Terrorism in India

-Mike Ghouse

Mike Ghouse

Indian government must be applauded and appreciated for handling the
terrorism wisely. Ramesh Thakur has rightly pointed out the example
of Jaswant Singh, India's foreign minister who escorted the terrorist
to get release of the hostages; it must go down in the annals of
history as act of wisdom. While India's approach towards terrorism
has contained terrorism, Bush's mindless aggression has increased
terrorism, and it must be condemned for its stupidity. By the way,
it is not an American aggression, as the American public is not with
the administration and it is the act of the few, just as terrorism
was the act of the few. Unfortunately our laws prevent us to take Mr.
Bush off the Presidency and save the nation from further ruin, there
is no such thing as a no-confidence move to get him off, as we do in
Israel, India, UK and other democracies.

If some one murders on the street, his ass must be hauled off to Jail
and must be tried for his crimes, and not bomb the whole country. We
have to isolate the criminals and not lump them with their community.
India has done a lot of wise things that we can learn from, including
handling of terrorism and containing the evil to the specific act and
has not let it spread to the whole nation, nor has it blamed a
religion for the acts of the individuals. It is a good example of not
making a mess of the situation.

A snap shot of Iraq in 2001 which had nothing to do with terrorism or
9/11; Neither the Sunnis were killing the Shia's or vice versa.
Except the reign of Terror of Saddam, there was no terrorism in the
public square. It was progressive secular society and look at today
what is happening.

Our aggression has created over half a million widows, who have no
one to support but live their livelihood through the flesh trade, as
the only supporters their brothers, fathers or husbands are dead. Our
aggression has created massive unemployment causing the youth to
resort to vandalism and leading to the Shia Sunni rift, a new
phenomenon in Iraq because of our aggression. Unless we admit we are
the cause of evil in Iraq, we cannot bring a resolution to our
collective guilt and liberation and peace to us and the Iraqis. Our
presence has caused so much death and destruction. The world has to
be repaired from these ventures. Every war, every evil in the world
can always be traced to hate filled insecure individuals; religion is
just an easy target.

As Ramesh Thakur has pointed out, there is a lot of anger festering
in the youth whose parents were burned alive in front of them, or
were made homeless for no fault of their own. It was again like an
act of Bush, killing the whole township for the evil acts of the
few. India has room to set things right and continue to express and
act on its traditional wisdom. It needs to bring justice to the
people who have suffered in Gujarat, both the victims and victimizers
without regard to the religion they wear. Injustice causes the
victims to fester and keeps the spark of the anger alive; it can be
extinguished only by bringing justice to every Gujarati. Without
justice every one remains tense and alert on their toes and live in
paranoia. We have an opportunity to live in peace, it is in our
interest as Indians, as Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains,
Buddhists, Jews, Tribals and others to put things behind. It can be
achieved by repentance, justice and forgiveness. We have to move from
cautionary living to unguarded living.

When others are not in peace, we cannot expect peace for us.

There are some interesting comments by the passionate right wingers



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