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In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

Readers' Reactions to Riba - Part 2

In this 2nd Part of Readers' Reactions, I give below my response to another reader's critical observations:

Be you in peace, Abdalla!

Mohamad Abdalla wrote:

In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

Assalaamu alaykum Brother,

Your explanation of the verses of the Quran regarding al-Riba are not a
result of two years of scholarly research, but rather an egoistic, self-conceited one. You are following your whims, desires and the footsteps of Satan in your approach.

Who has given you the authority to issue such a slanderous fatwa, Brother? Remember what Allah says, "Woe to every slanderer ---" [Q: 104.1]

While Allah asks us to read the Quran, however, He does not ask us to
interpret it as we please.


Allah does not tell us to read the Qur'aan just ritualistically like some mantras, without understanding them, as most of us unfortunately do. He asks, "Will they not, then, ponder over the Qur'aan? - or are there locks upon their minds? [Q: 47.24]

There is no question at all of our interpreting it as we please. As repeatedly asserted therein, the Qur'aanic verses are variously explained in details for people who ponder to understand them easily.

In fact, Prophet Muhammad has said that whosoever interprets the Quran as he desires will be cast into hell fire.

Let me quote the hadheeth translation verbatim, as I have got it:

'ahadith narrated on the authority of Hazrat Syedena Ibn 'Abbas (Radhi Allahu Taala Anhu) who said: 
 The Holy Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam) said "Whoever interprets the Qur'an according to his own opinion (ra'yah), let him seek his abode in the hell fire." (Tirmidhi)'

This hadheeth indeed confirms that there is no room at all for any human, however learned he may be, to interpret any Qur'aanic word, term or verse with his own opinion.


And believe me, Brother, my fight is against all those who have been misleading the Ummah by giving their own personal opinions about the meanings of the divine terms!

Who are you to interpret the Holy Quran or verses thereof? Did you not know that it takes more than two years to reach the status of one who can interpret the Quran? Obviously you did not! Also, did you know that you need to master more than 13 types of branches of 'ilm (knowledge) before you attempt to interpret the Holy Quran? Obviously you did not!

Calm down, Brother! Your anger and your questions are misdirected and misconceived. Who am I - a mere creature - to interpret the Creator's words and terms? The very thought is ridiculous! How could you ask such ridiculous questions?

Leave aside me - an obvious ignoramus in your eyes - Brother! But how can an intelligent person like you even suggest that I could interpret the Qur'aan after mastering more than 13 types or branches of 'ilm'? And, pray, what is so significant about this figure 13? It only reminds me of the Qur'aanic verse
, "Look, how they invent a lie against Allah, and that by itself is a sin, manifest!" [Q: 4.50]

Brother! The fact of the matter is that no creature, even if equipped with innumerable types of 'ilm', is competent enough to interpret the Creator's terms, with his own opinion. The Creator has therefore given the interpretation Himself. The hadeeth quoted above confirms this fact. And if you deny this fact, you lay yourself open to the charge of blasphemy and heresy.

Have you bothered to check what the Prophet has said about al-riba and its definition? Or have you bothered to read what the great scholars of Islam have said about it? Or have you bothered to find out what the authentic scholars of today say about it? The answer to these questions seems clear tome! NO!

Brother! Brother! You make me feel like a little innocent child being incessantly questioned and pilloried by a very harsh schoolmaster, for some unknown crime committed by him.

And, moreover, you assume that the answers to the questions posed by you are all negative. I had thought that Allah Ta'ala alone knows me better than I do myself. Now you claim you too have that divine power, nauzubillah! Just see how egoistic and self-conceited your own approach is, Brother!

If you would study the hadheeth quoted above deeply, you might find that the questions you have posed are all redundant. Nevertheless, let me inform you that I have (bothered to, as you have so disgustingly put it) studied the relevant ahaadeeth and have devoted sufficient space on discussing them in my eBook. As for the 'authentic scholars of today', I am not sure what you mean by 'authentic'. If you mean those whose views corroborate with yours, then it is these who prompted me to undertake my studies in the matter, in the first instance.

You need to fear Allah Ta'ala in your in interpretation of the verses of the Holy Quran. There is no room in such interpretations for our desires and liking. 


Yes, Brother! Here I find myself in agreement with you, cent per cent. Allah says, "This is the Book - no doubt therein - of guidance for the Muttaqeen!" [Q: 2.2] The Muttaqeen are those who remain constantly aware that Allah Ta'ala is watching them and therefore shun doing anything that would be repugnant or abhorrent to Him.

And surprise, surprise you are asking for $10 to read your eBook.
Well, if that does not show your insincerity then what does? My personal conviction is that you are nothing but a con artist, who seeks to earn some Haram money using Allah's own Quran. How miserable will you be on the day of judgement if you do not desist and repent from such satanic behaviour. FEAR ALLAH who knows your intentions. And remember you will carry the burden of sin of any one who follows your deceptive and erroneous interpretations.

You are again resorting to indulging in slander, falsehood and arrogance, Brother! Beware of verse 104.1 quoted above and desist from inviting Allah's wrath against yourself, please!

Allah sure knows my intentions. But you do not! Please do not indulge in blatant falsehood and open shirk by claiming that you do. Muttaqeen do not indulge themselves in such dubious activities.

You ask me to FEAR ALLAH! This advice is most welcome, Brother! In fact, we should all exhort one another with this advice repeatedly. For, Satan is always after us. He (Satan) makes us forget Him (Allah) often. It is in such moments of forgetfulness that we tend to go astray.

But your accusation that I am seeking 'Haram money using Allah's own Quran' is absolute nonsense, Brother! I think I had already drawn your attention earlier to the Readers' Reactions page on my site, wherein, in response to other readers doubts in this connection, I have given the detailed circumstances in which I had to have the price tag to my eBook.

As a matter of fact, Brother, I have spilled out everything I wanted to say, for FREE on my site. The eBook contains the same things, but in a more detailed and systematic manner. It is basically meant for those who generally agree with what I am saying and would like to monetarily contribute, at least partially, to my honest efforts in bringing out the Truth as I see it. The book is therefore not meant for you or persons of your school of thought, Brother! By the way, it may gladden your heart to know that with persons of your school of thought around, I can hardly hope ever to reach even the breakeven point. And you speak of me making 'Haraam' money! How cruel of you, Brother!!

I am only asking you to abide by your conscience. It is through our consciences that Allah speaks to us. We go astray when we suppress the calls of our own consciences. If your conscience does not permit you, do not go by what I say; but please be very honest with your conscience. You can dupe me and you can dupe any other human being; but, remember, you cannot dupe Allah!

Likewise, I can dupe you  and I can dupe any other human being, but I cannot dupe Allah! If I do not honestly believe in what I say, I know for certain that I am not going to be spared by Allah Ta'ala on the Day of Judgement.

So please do not try to take Allah's place and sit in judgement over what I am doing. You take care of yourself and ensure that your actions in this world are good enough for you to face Allah on that great Day in the Hereafter.

 I invite you to go and read what real scholars (who studied for more than 2 years) say about this. One of the places that you may bother to read can be found on 


And I invite you to read what our Creator says about this. He says, "Follow what has been sent down unto you from your Lord and follow not any 'Auliya' besides Him. Little do you remember!" [Q: 7.3]


Surely, Brother, our Rabb is better than your 'real scholars'. Or don't you agree?! And one of the Chapters of the Qur'aan you may especially 'bother to read' can be Chapter 103. No, not just read ritualistically, but ponder over it! Rest assured, you can take guidance from it - Allah Himself has given that assurance -  provided you are a muttaqi [Q: 2.2]

Read their article about interest. I challenge you to visit this site. 


Muttaqi people do not throw challenges at others. They are humble enough to know that they by themselves have no power. All that they have is a mercy from their Lord. Throwing a challenge at any one is a betrayal of pride. And you know, Brother, that Allah does not like pride.

I would therefore only request you to go to my web page, Judgement. Therein you may find the full text of the Judgement on Interest passed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The Judgement, because of its detailed treatment of all aspects of the subject matter, should be the best document available on the viewpoint that Interest is prohibited in Islam. I have studied that document thoroughly and given my humble opinion in considerable details as to why it is ultra vires the divine Islamic Constitution - the Qur'aan.

I know you will question my competency to contradict the renowned Mufti who has penned that Judgement. But, Brother, Islam teaches me that there is none comparable to Allah. [Q: 112.4] The Judgement cannot therefore be comparable to the Qur'aan. I cannot betray what the Qur'aan has taught me and what my conscience tells me even if the whole world tells me otherwise.

And, Brother, I am duty-bound to tell others what I honestly believe to be the Truth, your abuses notwithstanding! [refer Q: 103.3]

Also, as you have proudly presented on your web page the statements of some supporters of your false interpretations, I challenge you to do the same with my comments. If you are truly an advocator of moral duties and obligations, then prove it by presenting this criticism of mine on your web page, which may give the readers the chance to think twice and scrutinize your claims.



Your criticism is merely a bundle of abuses, Brother! It has no substance. Have a look at the Judgement on Interest. Although I do not agree with it, it contains well-argued points and I have responded to it with my counter arguments based on reason and documentary evidences. And I have published these, for free, on my web site . I have also published criticism from other readers, who had some reasoned arguments to make. It is therefore surprising that you could see only the short statements of my supporters and not these more lengthy criticisms!

Well, since you insist I may consider publishing your criticisms along with my responses, on my web site, insha Allah!

Finally, Allah Ta'ala is a witness that I have sent you this message. If you have genuinely erred then ask Allah's forgiveness and desist immediately from your ways. If you do let others know of that. If you do not then you have to answer before Allah for your and others' sins.


Mohamad Abdalla


Allah Ta'ala is witness too that I have sent you this response. Being only human, I cannot claim that I could be absolutely without errors, and I do ask for Allah's forgiveness for my mistakes and errors, as every human being, you yourself not excluded, should do for his/hers.

But if you are hinting that I am in error in the matter of the Qur'aanic concept of Ar-Riba, then please be advised that you have miserably failed to convince me by means of the mere abuses that you have hurled.

I am, on the other hand, indeed concrened about you, Brother! The reasons are:

                           Your resorting to abuses instead of reasoned arguments. This tantamounts to slander, which Allah has condemned in no uncertain terms.

                           Your insistance that Qur'aan cannot be understood without acquiring at least 13 different types of 'ilm' and that one who has not gone through this minimum course of knowledge, should go by the interpretation of the verses by human scholars. This amounts to blatant disbelief (kufr) in the divine assertion that the verses are variously explained in details for easy understanding and guidance of the Muttaqi who ponder. It also amounts to a blatant disobedience of the divine commandment given in verse 7.3.

I do not know whether you pray for forgiveness of your own mistakes, sins or errors, but I do hereby pray to Allah Almighty to forgive us both our sins, mistakes and errors, to  make us understand each other and to guide us to the right Path. Amen!

Mohammad Shafi

Guide us to the Staright Path, Allah!

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