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The 10th Protocol Of The Jews   

Written by    

Sunday, 23 November 2008 19:48 



Does iblis possess a frightening look, whether by its face, body or voice, while tempting the Bani Adam to stray from the straight path??? No...!!! iblis has a beautiful look, pretty face, handsome appearance, beautiful body, tough physique, seductive voice, influential speech, in fact with wealth outpouring from his pockets and power within his grip. If it has a very frightening look, would we dare to come near it?? Would we dare to stare at its face?? Would we be enticed by its charm??

Abu Sayeed reported that the messenger of Allah said: "You shall follow the practices of those before you, inch by inch and mile by mile, to the degree that if they enter into the hole of a lizard, you will follow them." He was asked: "O messenger of Allah, are they the Jews and Christians?" He replied: "Who else?" (Agreed)


The Protocols was a work that aimed to become a transcription of plans concocted at an 1897 Zionist conclave. At this secret meeting, high ranking Jewish officials, the "Elders of Zion," came up with 24 Protocols which were designed to enslave the Christian world through various sinister means. The Tenth Protocol represents a typical excerpt, proclaiming that it was the duty of Jews "to wear everyone out by dissentions, animosities, feuds, famines, inoculation of diseases, want, until the Gentiles see no other way of escape except to appeal to our money and power. When we introduced the poison of liberalism, into the government organism, it's entire political complexion, changed.” [Henry Ford (Introduction by Gerald L.K. Smith), The International Jew: The World's Foremost Prohiem (Los Angeles: Christian Nationalist Crusade, 1964), 144.]


They have long accomplished these sinister plots on the Christians with a great success and are now seeing the effects, whether we realize it or not, on a section of the Islamic ummah. This camp has been transformed into what they named themselves as the “Liberal Islam Network” or simply called the Liberals. Liberalism Capitalism, Communism, Nationalism, they are all the teachings and works of iblis....!!!.Believers beware!


This is from the 10th Protocol of the Jews and it contains 8 items....


1. Song..... Entertaining Songs


If there are children who do not know how to say shahadah, but are able to memorize pop songs with long lyrics. If there are children who could not memorize the Fatihah....but are able to memorize Britney Spear's song which lyrics is as long as a train, then the Jews have already been successful, to the extent that they would make us think... “how's life gonna be without the radio?”



2. Sex..... Another passion of the teens, as well as the adults.


Sex is everywhere, on TV's, Movies, advertisements... sex scenes are very common, sometime the sex scene is unneeded but was inserted somehow to the extent that there are people who watch a film only because of the sex scenes...18SX films are more in demand than U films. Porno VCD's can be obtained easily and the prices are very cheap. Is there any film that does not have a sex scene? One more time the Jews laknatullah have been successful......


3. Smoke....


Cigarettes have become the craze of the teenagers, it was even said that it's not modern if you do not smoke. In fact smoking has become a culture for those girls who want to be called "up to date". In the earlier days, it was only the prostitutes who normally smoke... or the cabaret dancers. Congrats! The Jews are successful again...


4. Sports....


Various types of sport have been introduced and the males along with the females together race to find names in sports. Today, even women are playing football. Once they play, it is impossible to cover the awrah, and many solat will have to be missed. Not only the players who do not pray, the spectators are also the same. If watching the game at home, the prayer would have to be delayed as they do not want to miss the GOAL...


The Jews have scored again......there are even ulama's who say that the prayer can be delayed because of sports... Astaghfirullah.


5. Fun...Entertainment...


Everywhere we could find engrossing entertainments. We can easily find them both at home such as on cable TV's, internet, magazines, and outdoors such as at concerts or night clubs. If there are concerts, the Muslims are willing to spend lots of money to see the concerts, sometimes even in Ramadhan. When at the concert, various other fasad are injected by the Jews even to the point of following the fashions of the artist, such as the tattooes or body piercings. They Jews are entertained again.


6. Female....


Women are the most engrossing offer given by the Jews especially in commercials that do not have anything to do with females. If we go to the car battery shop, we could see half naked girls stretched out in action. What do the girls have to do with a car battery? It can be understood if it's a commercial for ladies towels... the Jews are cheering again.


7. Fashion....


Especially the ladies fashions which are endless. Even when wearing hijabs, the awrah are not covered properly anymore. How could it be said covering the awrah when the hijabs1 are worn along with very tight-fitting clothes, sometimes even the belly buttons are shown? Those who colored their hair are even worse. When the hair is coloured, the hijab will not be worn for sure, how to display the latest colored hair with the hijab on? If the hair is dyed, the prayer might become invalid as most of the hair dyes are water proof. Not to mention those who pluck the eyebrow. The Jews are laughing again... the Muslims ummah have become like them.


8. Food


Another craze of the ummah especially foods from the West including MC D, Kentucky, Pizza hut...and a thousand and one other names. Dates which are the main food of Rasulullah are looked down. Even if they do get into the house, it will only be once a month during Ramadhan..But the Western foods have become a pride. If the food comes from the West, are we confident of its halal status? Example, the Kentucky, its spices are brought in from America... who would go and check if its halal or not? When we consume haram food, how could our iman be secure.


Therefore there emerged an Islamic ummah who not only act like the Jews but also think like them.. Nauzubillah.


That was only the 10th protocol......can't imagine what the others are like!

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