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52 weak or fabricated ahadith






Generally in Islamic law only the authentic (Sahih) and good (Hasan) Ahadith are used in deriving the rules. The weak (da'if) Ahadith have no value for the purpose of Shari'ah. However, the scholars of Hadith sometimes differ among themselves in the determination of some Ahadith whether they are weak or not weak. The 'Ulama have sometimes used weak Ahadith for moral and spiritual (fada'il) matters. It is important that when one uses a weak Hadith for any reason then one should explain it to the people that this is weak Hadith and it is being used for this particular reason.


Shaikh Nasir ul-Dean Al Albani (RH) wrote a series of books called "Silsilat Al Ahadith Addaeefa" the series of weak narrations. These four volume books contain about 2,000 weak Ahadith. Every Hadith's weakness is explained in details. When one goes through, one will be amazed and astonished to realize that how Muslims have unwittingly used so many weak narrations in the past to support an argument or a wrong practice.


The following 52 weak Ahadith are taken from that series and numbered them as a reference to their locations in the book of Albani.


1." The Deen is the brain, and he who has no religion has no brain." Batil No.1


2."Whose prayer does not stop him from evil and sins he will only get further away from Allah." Batil No.2


3."Work for this life as if you are living forever and the Hereafter as if you will die tomorrow." Hadith No.8


4."I have been sent as a teacher." Da'if No.11


5." Two types of people from my Ummah, if they are good my people will be good: the leaders and scholars." Fabricated No.16


6." I don't need to ask Him for He knows my affair."

This saying is attributed to prophet Ibrahim (AS). It's alleged he said it before he was thrown into the fire. Fabricated. No.21


7. "Adam (AS) saw the Kalima (La ilaha illallah Muhammad dur Rasoolullah) written on the Arsh (Allah's throne)." Fabricated No.25


8. "There is goodness in me and my Ummah until the day of Judgment." Fabricated No.30


9. "To love ones own country is a sign of Iman." Fabricated No.36


10." Who sleeps after 'Asr and losses his mind should blame none but himself." Da'if No.39


11. " Whoever performs Hajj and does not visit me has boycotted me." No.45

This Hadith and all the other Ahadith about visiting the Prophet (pbuh) after his death are Fabricated.


12. "Disagreement amongst my Ummah is a mercy." Fabricated No.57


13. "My Sahabah are like stars..." This and other Hadith with different endings are all fabricated. No.58


14. "My household (Hal al Bait) are like stars...." Fabricated No.62


15. "My Lord has disciplined me well." Da'if No.72


16."To rub the eyes when hearing the Adhan..." Fabricated No.73


17. "All people are dead except the Scholars, and all the Scholars are punished except the workers, and all the workers are drowned except the sincere, and the sincere are in great danger." Fabricated No.76


18. "There is no Mahdi except Isa (AS)." Munkar No.77


19. “Prayer with the Aamama (head clothing) is equivalent to 25 prayers than without it....” Fabricated No.127


20. “Get married and do not divorce because divorce shakes the Arsh." Fabricated No.147


21. "Love the Arabs for three reasons; because I am an Arab, the Qur'an is in Arabic and the language of Jannah is Arabic." Fabricated No.160


22. "For everything there is a heart, and for the Qur'an this is Surah Ya Sin and who reads it, it is as if he has read the Qur'an ten times." Fabricated No.169


23."Contemplation for one hour is better than worship for sixty years." Fabricated No.173


24." Hajj is Jihad and Umrah is optional." Da'if No..200


25. " The neighbor’s rights are up to forty houses away..." Da'if No.274


26." I was a Prophet before Adam (AS) and before the water and the mud...." Fabricated No.302


27."Who does not care for the Muslims affairs is not one of them..." Da'if No.309


28. "As you are, so will be your leaders." Da'if No.320


29. "Who abides by my Sunnah at the time of corruption of my Ummah he will get the reward of a hundred martyrs..." Da'if No.326


30. "The Prophet (pbuh) kissed a Sahabah by the hand and said that this hand will not be touched by fire." Batil No.391


31. "Seek knowledge even in China." Batil No.416


32. "People will be called on the Day of Judgment by their mothers names." Fabricated No.433


33. " A Sultan (The Ruler) is the shadow of Allah on the earth..." Fabricated No.475


34. "Exaggerate in remembering Allah until others call you mad." Da'if No.517


35. "The son of Adam (AS) does not do a dearer deed than on the Day of Nahaar (sacrifice during Eid ul Adha) than spilling blood of the sacrifice. It will

come on the Day of Judgment with its horn, wool and huffs and Allah accepts the sacrifice before its blood reaches the ground..." Da'if/ Fabricated No.526


36. "He used to pray in Ramadan twenty rakahs Taraweeh and the Witr." Fabricated No.560


37. "When the Prophet (pbuh) came into Medina the women and children were singing Ta la al badroo aalaynaa....." Da'if No.598


38. " The believer is courteous, clever and alert." Fabricated No.760


39." Who honors the women is noble and who humiliates them is mean." Fabricated No.845


40."O my Uncle if they placed the sun in my right and the moon in my left to give up this matter (Islam) I would not do so, until Allah makes it prevail or I perish in the process." Da'if No.909


41."Do not urinate standing up." Da'if No.934


42."He used to stand on the mimbar leaning on a stick while giving the Khutbah." Da'if No.964


43."Ali (RA) missed the 'Asr prayer and the Prophet (pbuh) prayed for the sun to reappear until Ali (RA) had prayed." Fabricated No.971


44."One day from a Imam 'Adl (Just Ruler) is better than sixty years of worship." Da'if No.989


45."Whose prayer does not stop him from evil and sins, will not be accepted." Munkar No.985


46."He used to pray four Rakat before Jumuah and four after." Batil No.1001


47."Any women who leaves her house without her husband's permission will be in Allah's displeasure until she returns to the house or her husband becomes happy with her." Fabricated No.1020


48."The dearest women to the Prophet (pbuh) is Fatima (RA), and from the men is Ali (RA)." Batil No.1124


49."Who has died has met his Qiyamah." Da'if No.1166


50."I recommend the two cures, honey and Qur'an." Da'if No.1514


51."If someone backbites his brother then you should seek forgiveness for him

as this is a kaffarah" Fabricated/Da'if No.1518


52. “The ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr” Fabricated (Source book "100 Fabricated Ahadith" by Shaikh Abdullah Faisal).







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