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This week, the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies revealed their most recent report, "Muslim Americans: A National Portrait." The study highlights the ethnic, political, and economic diversity of our community based on age, gender, and ethnicity.


The study conclusively found that African Americans are the largest racial group within the American Muslim landscape, representing 35% of the community. Additionally, the study found that 28% of American Muslims classify themselves as "white," 18% as Asian, 18% as other, and 1% as Hispanic. Additionally, 36% of American Muslims are within the 18 to 29 age range, higher than any other major faith group polled (which includes Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, and Jews).


When comparing educational attainment to other faith groups, American Muslims stated that their highest achievement was a college degree or higher, making them second to the Jewish community which was polled as the most highly educated group. Interestingly, American Muslim women are more likely than American Muslim men to have college and post-graduate degrees and are more highly educated than women in every other religious group except Jews.


The study also found that 80% of American Muslims stated that religion plays a key role in their lives, and 41% of American Muslims stated that they attend mosque services once a week.


In terms of political ideology, almost one half (49%) of American Muslims identify themselves as Democrats, while 37% are independents and 8% are Republican. The study also found that 79% of American Muslims preferred Barack Obama over John McCain, constituting the highest percentage of faith groups polled to favor the Democratic ticket. However, only 64% of American Muslims are registered to vote, being the lowest percentage among the other religious groups polled.


Overall, the poll found that American Muslims have a much more positive outlook on life than their counterparts in predominantly Muslim countries. More importantly, the study found that the outlook of Muslim Americans more closely resembles that of other Americans than it does the outlook of Muslims living outside the U.S.


This study is a clear indicator that American Muslims are an integrated force in the American paradigm and are shifting into a framework of partnership and engagement with government and civil society. The American Muslim community truly represents a unique mosaic of the global Muslim community.


[CONTACT: Government Relations Director Safiya Ghori-Ahmad, 202-547-7701,]


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