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Science in Islam



Monday, May 4, 2009


There is no doubt that science and technology that we see today originates by Muslims. Long time ago, Islam conquered 2/3 of the globe, including Asia, Europe, Australia, making Islam the fastest spreading religion in the world. And why is this? Because Islam is the way of life. Islam provides u guidance, Islam gives u calm and serenity, Islam teaches u peace and endless love, there is no force in Islam and above all, Islam is the religion of the Creator. The guidance of Islam is complete, absolute and seamless. A heart of a disbeliever will never want to accept this or find this to be very irritating and baloney because they are happy with the way their life is. Full of worldly temptation, aligned with the phrase 'we only live once', they say Islam are fanatics and obsessed with our religion, while they become ignorant and fooled by the ghuzwatul fikr. Back to the point, Islam was once on the peak, where millions of people saw Islam as the truth in life. It was on that great empire where Muslim was highly respected by other religion. The kafir women try to imitate and follow the way Muslimah dressed as what we are now trying to follow the western style. Remember the Dutch lady brand? The lady wears a scarf, an influence of Islam.


Islam was high above the sky, dominating knowledge, intelligence, economy and political aspects. In the Khilafah Arachnidan Empire, books were everywhere. Mosques stood side by side with libraries. It is known that too many students wanted to learn medicine that they needed to be shortlisted. It is also known that the empire was rich and none of the people deserved to be given zakat. Money was given freely to anybody wishing to use the money to get marry. It was in this empire Alkhwarizmi, Avicenna (ibn Sina), ibn Rushd and many other Islamic thinkers were spreading knowledge. Ever thought of these words? Algebra, algorithm, alkali. The words used by us today as the language of modern science. The words themselves are Arabic with the prefix al-.. Note that, without algebra (which comes from the word blabber) there is no modern mathematics and physics. Without algorithm, there's no computer technology. Without alkali, alkenes, alkenes or alkynes, there's no chemistry. Also, we invented the arithmetic calculation using the Arabic numbers, while the European before 12th century still uses the roman number. How could u do arithmetic calculation using those numbers (I, II, III, IV....)? Only after soughing ideas from Islamic knowledge, they change the numbering system. Plus, take a closer look at the number 2 and 3. U will see the resemblance with the Arabic number if u rotates 2 and 3 clockwise, 90 degrees. The number 0, 1 and 9 are obviously the same. Avicenna, who wrote 'The Cannon of Medicine' (galbanum Lafitte), wrote a book that are widely used and translated to many languages around the world. The idea of airplane technology by Wright brothers that we look upon are actually initiated earlier by the Muslim. Isaac Newton was also not the first to realize gravity theory. We did...


From 12th to 17th century, the Europeans refer to the advanced and prevalence knowledge of the Arabs, and brought them to their time of renaissance. And do we ever wonder why the empire of Islam vanished? Why the hall of fame does not include Arabians? Why Islam nowadays is reflected by the image of terrorist? Learning history of Islam will make u understand. Learning history of Islam will make us realize that we are enclosed by The System created via Zionists' propaganda. The way we think. The way we live our life. The way we raise our children. The way we adore the west. The way we forget our Creator.


Some said. If Islam really is the true religion. Then y does Islam is not as strong as before. The answer is...because muslims nowadays neglect their priority. Because we forget about the after-life, because we do not guide ourselves as stated by the Quran, the words from Allah. When Islam was on the peak, the muslims devoted themselves more to the afterlife rather than this temporary life, and Allah blessed them with victory.





Thoughts by... inazzainal at 10:34 AM

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