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What some great intellectuals have said about Islam, the Bible, and the Holy Quran





Our civilization is standing at dangerous crossroads. The Bible cannot provide workable foundations for the survival of mankind. (Lord Snell, The New World.


For the redemption of humanity we will have to look toward the owner [Mohammad] of the Qur'an not toward Chrisitianity. (Lewis Mumford, Faith for Living.


The Bible cannot lead us to an international religion, nor can it unify all mankind. (Ehrich Fromm, The Sane Society.


The teachings of Islam can fail under no circumstances. No human mind can go beyond the Qur'an. (Johann Goethe - Letters to Eckermann, Sir Henry Elliott’s Collection) 2.


The code of permanent values can only come through Revelation to chosen personalities (messengers) of God.

(Albert Einstein 1879-1955 - Out of My Later Days)


The word of Mohammad is a voice, direct from nature's own heart . . . all else is wind in comparison.

(Thomas Carlyle - On Heroes and Hero Worship)


If the society is not conducive to the growth of human personality, people would remain slaves even if such a society were perceived to be free.

(Nicholes Berdyeau - Destiny of Man)


For the development of SELF I need a society where others' benefit feels like my own.

(Hastings Rashdall - Theory of Good and Evil)


The development of the human personality [NAFS] can take place only collectively with other members of the society.

(Robert Briffault - The Making of Humanity)


The purpose of life is the development of humanity in a collective social order. (Prof A.N.

Whitehead, British author teaching at Harvard in 1920s - Adventure of Ideas)


Development of the self [self-actualization] can take place only in an equitable social system.

(Robert Briffault, The Making of Humanity)



International order for all mankind is the time's foremost demand.

(John Reves - Politics in Future)


The world needs not only for its development but also for its very survival a universal "way of life" in which economic, social, and moral values are uniform for all.

(Frederick Hertz - Nationality, History and Politics)


The purpose of life is development of the person and thereby, of all humanity en mass. (Prof A. N.

Whitehead - Adventure of Ideas)


The real progress entails development of an international social order in which every individual can grow to one’s full potential.

(Hastings Rashdall - The Theory of Good and Evil)


Islam offers a beautiful collective system which says Yes to Life.

(Nicholes Berdyeau - The Divine and the Human)


A complete way of life which would be universal is neither present in human instinct nor can we devise it through intellect. It can only come through Revelation.

(Prof Alfred Cobban - The Crisis of Civilization)


We need a religion that can transcend nationalism and make the world one Nation.

(Robert Murray - The Individual and the State)


Only Islam can transcend the boundaries of nationalism.

(Arnold Toynbee, The World and the West)


In order to make true progress, man must exercise his free will in accordance with the Divine guidance. Man must do this, not to put God under any obligation, but for the evolution of his own SELF. (British astronomer, Sir Arthur S.

Eddington 1882-1944 - Science and the Unseen World)


The time for nations has already passed. The era of mankind as one community is about to dawn. (W. Chardin - Building of the Earth) 19. The solution to humanity's problems lies not in internationalism. It rests in the Qur'anic teaching of universal brotherhood of all men.

(Neveres Emery - The Anatomy of Peace)


The world will shortly see a single government without borders in which the affairs of human beings will be a matter of counsel.

(Gummer Murdael - Beyond the Welfare State)


No tangible forces, no intangible powers, can stop Islam from becoming the universal faith. This is because only Islam can march along with the evolution of human civilization.

(German born, American psychoanalyst, 1900-1980, Erich Fromm - The Sane Society)


It is the sacred duty of our civilization that we revive the true human brotherhood which existed at the beginning of life and after which people divided.

(Professor Hugh Miller - Country and State)


The ideal society will be one where the wellness of others will feel like my own wellness.

(German philosopher, Immanuel Kant 1724-1804 - Critique of Practical Reason)


The teachings of Islam can fail under no circumstances. With all our systems of culture and civilization, we cannot go beyond Islam and, as a matter of fact, no human mind can go beyond the Qur'an. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the celebrated German poet and thinker, in his letters to J. Eckermann and Sir Henry Elliot)) In fact, Islam is so scientific that the noted Russian thinker, P.D. Ouspensky, stated that any science that collides with the Qur'an will turn out to be false.

(Tertium organum)


Sometimes people wonder if Islam has run its course. The bullet has been fired. What remains is just the empty barrel. This is a dangerously false assumption. Dangerous because it deprives humanity of the only hope it has. An examination of history bears out the fact that Islam has not failed, Muslims have. And Muslims have failed because they abandoned the Qur'an in favor of manmade books written centuries later! The moment they return to the Book, the Muslims will attain their lost glory. Or, whichever nation for that matter, embraces the Qur'an will establish the ideal state on the planet. Let us recall what George Bernard Shaw had said, "Mohammad, the wonderful man - in my opinion he must be called the Savior of humanity." -- "I predict that tomorrow's Europe will embrace Islam." Thus, the exalted Messenger will prove to be the Savior of humanity as he did 14 centuries ago. His sublime Message is perfectly alive and well.

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