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Open the door; Lose the attitude; Let the sunshine in.

By Kieran Revell



Kieran Revell

I'm an Australian actor/writer with a firm belief in the human spirit. I've written a great lifestyle program for special needs/socially disadvantaged young people and proposals for many tv programs, including a comedy series, variety program and various documentaries. I have also co-written a unique travel book and a musical drama with sung narration. Whilst I'm not yet produced/published, I believe in myself and know beyond question, my time is nigh. Our greatest power is self belief.



There are two types of people in this world - those who think of all the great ways to get from where they are to where they want to be; and those who do something about getting from where they are to that ideal place.


All too often we sit and simply complain about the state of our affairs in our lives:


Nothing is going my way.

The boss doesn't like me.

My job stinks.

I work too hard and no-one notices.

I wish my work was appreciated.

No-one loves me.

If I only had the money.

I wish I had the chance to do something like that.

It's alright for you.

You had a good upbringing.


The complaints and excuses seem to come faster than the self pity.


Believe it or not, the solution is a simple one. Turn the tables and instead of constantly complaining about what you think is not going well - and many things might not be as you wish them at the moment - think about what IS going well in your life and begin to overshadow the negative energy with lots of positive vibes.


That could be something as small as a green traffic light; a parking space; a seat on the bus or smile from a stranger. If you stop and think for just a moment, the list is endless.


Once you begin to focus on the positives, the negatives start to literally disappear. When you open the door and allow the sunshine into your life, the darkness will begin to fade. I've been there and I can tell you from personal experience, there is nothing more positive than optimistic energy.


Get out of bed with a spring and smile. Know deep inside you'll enjoy the day, in spite of what you may confront. Everything might not go well. There could be challenges and obstacles, but if you take the view that life is fantastic and a real blessing in spite of what negative forces you may confront, you are beginning the process of inviting love, light, energy, gratitude, joy and happiness into your existence.


When you understand the power of positive energy, you will begin to harness the force within and grasp opportunities. They are all around you every day but because of the negative energy which we harvest, we cannot see the wood (goodness) for the trees (obstacles).


Begin today to fill your life with wonderful thoughts, feelings and emotions and start to harvest the incredible benefits derived from an upbeat attitude.


The three rules of success and abundance: Believe: Believe: Believe. Once you do that, then you act. The results will truly amaze you.


Here's a positive affirmation you can write down and repeat to yourself when you need a quick burst of inspiration...


"The way I choose to start my day sets its tone. When I make the decision to begin it by giving thanks for the positive things in my life, (no matter how seemingly few or bountiful they might be) I am setting the flow for new opportunities to come my way.


Each and every day I will remind myself that I can steer my outcome in any direction I wish by the actions I take. The steps I take day in and day out are the determining factors as to whether or not I achieve the success I desire. I take comfort in knowing that I have control over the actions I choose to do or not do."

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