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Talaq is an Islamic term meaning 'repudiation of marriage' or divorce, in which the husband, by pronouncing three times 'Talaq-talaq-talaq,' orally or written, could divorce his wife without any reason. It is based upon the laws of the Quran. In Islamic countries there is no need of court to take Talaq or Divorce.


Types of Talaq:- (1)Talaq-ul-sunnat, the Prophet Mohammad said man should live with his wife with respect and should leave with kindness. Talaq-ul-Sunat has two forms: (a)Talaq-ul-Ahasan, in which talaq is pronounced between the first second menstrual periods of the wife. If, after the wife's first period, her second period does not come, the divorce is canceled. (b)Talaq-ul-Hasan, in which talaq is pronounced after three menstruation periods. Talaq-ul-Biddat, is pronounced after one period; however, it is criticized by many Muslims. Talaq-ul-Tafweez, Talaq-ul-taleeq then it comes to constructive type of Talaq ie Talaq by ILA, Talaq-by-Lich,Talaq by Zihar, Talaq by Fashak and at last talaq by consent ie Talaq bu Khulla, Talaq by muzzarrat. Talaq-ul-sunnat to Talaq-ul-Tafweez are more based upon menstruation periods of women called as 'Tuhr'.


However according to Quran some securities are also given to the wife as Dower or Mahar which is an amount paid to the woman at the time of marriage or immediately after it as her security if her husband leaves her or her share in case of she becomes widow. It is fixed by the husband before or at the time of marriage. Its minimum remedy is 10 dezimas (i.e., 1 dezimas is equal to 31 grams of silver). Shias have no fixed maximum amount of remedy, where as Sunnis have fixed maximum amount of dizmas not exceeding 500. Dower or Mahar is a consideration paid in consent of marriage as Muslim Marriage is regarded as contract. Before Mahar was paid by two ways which were not regarded as respectful for women (i.e. Beena and Baal). In the first, the wife used to live at her father's house. Whenever the husband used to come at her place, he used to gift her as for sexual relations. In Baal, consideration was paid to the girl's father, which was also called selling of woman. It was then changed to respectable matter. In countries like India, Mahar or Dower is regarded differently from maintenance or remedy of divorce because it is regarded as consideration of marriage. It is not a remedy of divorce and it is awarded differently from Dower. Talaq can also refer to:


at-Talaq, a chapter of the Qur'an on divorce.

Talaq (Nikah), the Islamic divorce practice

Triple talaq, a controversial Islamic divorce practice.

At Talaq famous racehorse, stallion; winner of seven major world-class races. Sire to King Talaq and around 50 racehorses (mares) in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Talaq is the name of several fictional characters in traditional role-playing games.

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