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Think Success

"If your energy is as boundless as your ambition, total commitment may be a way of life you should seriously consider." -- Joyce Brothers


Success in anything you want to accomplish in life begins with your thinking. The problem with too many people is that they don't think about what they're thinking. I once heard a speaker say, "You will become that which you think about most of the time." Those words have had a tremendous impact on me and on those with whom I've shared them. I heard that statement at a time when I was just beginning to understand what self-improvement was all about. The basis of all self-help materials is that you must have a healthy self-image, or attitude about yourself, in order to succeed.


You see, your thoughts are reflected in your attitude. If you think about failure, rejection and pain, your attitude will be negative. You'll even have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning. How many prospects do you think will want to get involved with your product if you cannot express a positive attitude about what you do to earn your living? I guarantee you it won't be many.


In fact, if you think about those negatives frequently enough, that's probably what you'll become comfortable with. Then, it won't bother you to fail. You'll be thinking, "Yep, that's just what I expected to happen." And, as crazy as it may sound, acceptance of failure will become an accepted fact in your subconscious. At this point, I would suggest making a career adjustment because you won't be selling enough to keep food on your table.


To counteract acceptance of negativity, you must begin by consciously stopping those thoughts. Whenever you realize you're thinking negatively, worrying or feeling anxiety about facing rejection, think to yourself, "Hey, that's not what's going to happen." Then, force yourself to turn those thoughts around. Come up with a positive thought for each negative thought. You'll have to concentrate on this for a while, but eventually, those negative thoughts will have to face too tough a battle to stay in your mind and they'll go away.


At that point, you will be free to become one of the high achievers in your field. The training and support offered by your organization will become more valuable to you. You'll think more about giving service than receiving income. And, as I've stated many times before, the income you earn is little more than a scoreboard reflection of the service you give.


If you have any doubts about that statement, take notice of the top producers in your industry. They think achievement, service and professionalism. You can see it in their eyes. You can feel it when you meet them. They are comfortable only with achievement, recognition and acceptance. They are so uncomfortable with failure, that it, too, has become a motivator for them.


Once you have achieved a state of thinking positively you will believe more strongly in what you are doing, take the steps necessary to practice, drill and rehearse, and receive the tremendous rewards for doing so.


Salespeople are often confronted with spontaneous situations. And, selling is a very emotional business. So, when faced with the unexpected, the untrained, unpracticed ones throw all their training out the window and act on reflex. If your reflexes aren't aimed at serving clients and closing sales, you're sunk. The great ones practice thinking success so much that their attitude and knowledge carry them through situations that may not have been covered in training. Thinking success will help you; too, continue to radiate warmth, pride and knowledge during those spontaneous moments.


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