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Posted June 11, 2009


- Repentance [Tawbah] is like a washing machine that cleans your sins. Which make are you?


- Successful are those who do not delay todayís work till tomorrow


- Time is like wealth- as with wealth the value of time is measured by how well it is spent and used. A miser is one who does not spend from his wealth except a little; similarly the one who does not spend his time well is a miser too.


- Hope without patience is like a ship sailing on dry land


- Tajwid, the art of learning to speak to God


- People love to receive but always dislike to give


- Sign of manís success in this life does not lie in how much wealth he has accumulated, but true success lies in the legacy he leaves behind


- Salah, the court of God on earth, so decorate yourself with humility when you stand in front of him


- Only the weak hide behind pre-destination [al-qadar]


- People are fixated in erecting buildings but neglect the building of men!


- A Muslimís character is always political!


- The difference between the worldly [dunyawiy] pleasures and those of the heaven, heavenly pleasures are unadulterated while worldly pleasures are contaminated with pain and grief.


- Narrating stories [Qisas] is in fact following them since qassa means to follow


- Dhikr [Remembrance of God], like a magnet it pulls one to God.


- The mind of the youth is like an empty vessel, easy to fill.


- Scholars are like doctors, they heal the wounds of ignorance.


- Fiqh without tasawwuf [spirituality] is like a body without a soul.


- The dunya is like a dream, a person believes everything that he sees are true and real


- The dunya is like a mirage, every time one comes close it fades away from him


- The dunya is like a play in which everyone has a role to perform


- The dunya is a station in the journey to God


Abdullah Hasan




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