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History in the Making

By Dr Ali Mohammad


To the devotees in the USA, the defeat of the USSR in Afghanistan and its subsequent disintegration in the early 1990s was a total defeat of Communism, dictatorship, and autocratic form of government and a great victory of liberal democracy, capitalism, and a Western lifestyle. They predicted that the truncated Russia and beleaguered China should soon integrate into a globalized economic order under the leadership of the USA. And what was true for the two giants will be the only path for other countries in Asia, Africa, and South America to submit to.


This was “the end of history” to some like Francis Fukuyama as there will be no challenge to West, its political and economic systems, its way of thinking, and its rule over the world resources. Events have proved that this thinking was seriously flawed. Instead of anticipated convergence, the world has experienced increasing divergence since the start of the present’s millennium. Many countries today believe that with a strong government and economic progress and prosperity for their people, they can control their own destiny and resources, fend off foreign interference, keep their nations together, and win a respect in the comity of nations.


In their calculus, the corruption, avarice, and immoral “democratic” leadership only invited depredation by foreign powers. They disdain frequent lectures on adopting foreign democratic values. Russia and China also see countries like India increasingly being used to encircle the two countries. Thanks to the endowment of natural resources in case of Russia and steady high growth rates, it has attained a new economic power status in the world. Similarly, China with continued high economic growth rates, averaging 8% per year; stock exchange indices that have surpassed any other in the world; FE reserves of over two trillion dollars; and a stable political environment has not only resisted foreign pressures and interference but is in serious contention for superpower status.


Many countries are also scornful of the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for their destabilizing role. They believe that the Western governments generously fund these NGOs to support, train, and assist opposition forces in those countries for causing economic destability and social and religious unrest. The ensuing chaos paves the way for “regime change” by Western powers and furthers their hegemonic ambitions. These powers have also used UNO, NATO, and EU to crush any opposition to their intervention, armed invasion, occupation, or control of natural resources of those nations.


The saddest part is that these powers rationalize their interference and toppling even the democratically - elected governments under the guise of their national security interests; the national sovereignty, popular will, and international law don’t really matter. Sadly, inspite of what the people are made to believe, the world is far from the goals of a true renaissance, human progress, democracy, altruism, and liberty. We have degenerated to the age of oppression of the weak by the powerful.


The world has learnt within a matter of fifteen years how dangerous has been the unipolar world order. For Russia and China it is unacceptable as hegemonic and destructive of their value systems. To smaller countries, this unipolar world has been a nightmare and outright obliteration of their sovereignty, loss of their natural resources, cultural and educational invasion, and a slap on their national dignity. To them also, “free media” simply means buying, bribing, or coercing the local media to spread disinformation at will against any individual, party, institution, or government that the powerful countries do not like. Similarly, under the guise of open skies, alien education and cultural systems are imposed upon the weaker nations that are often pernicious to their beliefs, faith, and society.


To the Islamic world, disinformation has become so naked where Islam has been deliberately and erroneously equated with terrorism, backwardness, and savagery. None of this is true to a believing Muslim and he feels real humiliated. The “free” press has painted Islam as a religion of aggression, and Islamic fundamentalism is used as a euphemism for anti-West, anti-progress, anti-growth, terror, and extremism.


The blatant religious bias of the Western press is also reflected in its incorrect projection of Islam as a real danger to the political and economic interests and ideology of the West. It is clear that Islam bashing is being used as an instrument of blackmail, intimidation, and coercion.


For Pakistanis, their country’s association with the West, especially with the USA, is replete with a history of deceit, exploitation, and desertion. Since 2001, Pakistan has been forced to support the US in her war against terrorism. As a result, Pakistan has borne an immense cost in terms of deaths of its citizens as well as economic disruptions, drugs trade, contraband running, a grave law and order situation, and instability. Although it has played an unrivalled role in combating terrorism, it is unfortunate that Pakistan is still blamed for not doing enough. There are concerted efforts to weaken and further dismember Pakistan.


It is also well known today that under the umbrella of the USA and NATO, India and Afghanistan are involved in subversive activities in FATA, Balochistan, and other parts of the country — where else the militants are getting support to enable them to challenge or to fight world’s most professional armed forces?


Moreover, plebiscite in Kashmir, vital to Pakistan, has become a non - issue in the US under pressure from India. Many sane Americans believe that Washington’s policies are inimical to Pakistan’s its national interests. They agree that Pakistan, more than any other of her allies, took lethal risks in America’s war against the Al Qaeda. The majority of Pakistanis, at last, have come to realize the prevailing international political realities. Many in the country are mindful of the emerging economic, nuclear, and military cooperation between the USA, India, and Israel. They see these developments to be against the security interests of their country.


They are also beginning to recognize the country’s vital needs vis a vis its security, its economy, and its independent foreign and domestic policies. The Pakistani nation recognizes that it has a lot of catching up to do in the march towards transforming its productive structure to achieve prosperity, to creating employment opportunities, and to alleviating poverty. They believe that a prosperous Pakistan must reflect its heritage, its Islamic culture, and the aspirations of the poor masses, farmers, laborers, and small businesses. Only then it can live as a respectable member in the comity of nations.


They also hope that future relationship with the USA should be based on principles, and not expediency. They also want the USA to leash Indian and Afghan agents involved in subversive activities in Pakistan. They cannot abide any interference in Pakistan’s domestic affairs whether it is drone attacks, spying, or funding, training, and grooming politicians and pitting them against each other. Pakistan is an important country in terms of its huge population, strategic assets, economic base, its location, and its principled stand in international affairs. It is an important hub for international economic and security dynamics.


The rise of Russia and China has raised a hope of multipolar (a more balanced world), less coercion by the West, and new vistas for cooperation and development. Foreign support of militancy by foreign powers and their cohorts within the country has galvanized the nation once more. Pakistanis must rise to the challenge, support their armed forces, and assist patriotic, bright, and energetic political leadership. It is our belief that the Pakistani nation can very well look after itself and its interests and a positive force in bringing peace, stability, and prosperity to this region. We hope that the political leaders will read the writing on the wall and will not further betray their nation.

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