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If it weren't for Muslims


This article was sent to me by Mike, who recently embraced Islam; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.


The Muslim world has had an impact on the world for many years....but if it weren't for the Muslims then many nations would not have been formed, many foods would not be enjoyed, many types of transportation would not be used, and many ideas would not have been shared. Here are but a few.


If it weren't for Muslims...


....Horses would have never been brought to the European world, therefore the Americas would not have been discovered with as much impact. Camels would have never been at the disposal of the British during their occupation of Australia as well.

(The only way the British colonists could get around at that time was on Camel due to the outback deserts.)


.....Mexican and Spanish food would not be enjoyed in many restaurants. The Muslims conquered Spain and ruled it for many generations. Such foods such as the tortilla, fajitas, and salsa would never have been enjoyed if the Muslims had not brought these ideas to Spain.


...Modern breakthroughs in medicine would not have been made. Muslim scientists have found many cures throughout the years including for such diseases as the mumps.


...Modern technologies such as the computer, the TV, the calculator, and transportation such as the airplane, the space shuttle, the helicopter, the auto, and the locomotive would not have been created if it was not for the impact of mathematics that the world had from the Muslims. Algebra was created by the Muslims along with a diverse and organized number system. The form we use today is from an ancient Arabic numerical system that was adopted by the Romans. Modern engineering would be total oblivious, since most of it is based on algebraic principals.


....Modern breakthroughs in Chemistry....did you know that it was the Muslims that figured out that plants need nitrogen to grow? Knowing this, fertilizer would have not been what it is today. Also, the Muslims had an impact on the agricultural world with their elaborate system of irrigation.


....The world would be pretty bland! The Muslims took control of the spice trade several years after the Roman Empire. Such things like curry, garlic, onions, peppercorn, and other spices would not be enjoyed if it wasn't for the impact of the Muslim world. Like Italian deserts? Most of them have orange spice in them. Why? Well the Muslims controlled Sicily for several hundreds of years bringing the small oranges that now grow in the Italian country sides. Like coffee and tea? Well thanks to the Muslims, coffee was brought over from Arabia. Tea was brought from the orient to the modern world by muslim vessels. (Another yummy Arabic spice is cardamom. Yummy in coffee...don't use to much though, it is strong.)


and many many more...


It sort of makes us wonder. How can the world hate us when we have contributed so much to the modern world. Give these reasons to people next time they bite the hand that feeds them!

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