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Islam teaches nobility, humanity


Why the communal tensions? Why racial discrimination? Why are peopleís and nations confronting? Why the lust for territorial aggrandizement and subjugation of peopleís? Why the tendency of over powering weak? Why the tussle between haveís and have-notís, Privileged and unprivileged? When mankind is naturally born free from all these devilish acts with Divine obligations and duties. Actually the present world is not the one of Allahís plan and Liking. Allah Almighty the super natural power and absolute, unlimited and unchanged politico Ė spiritual authority of the whole universe planned the habitation of human beings all over the world with different religions, cultures, lingual, racial, complexional and territorial labels and identities after creating and crafting them social animals and by virtue of this natural instinct made them socially interdependent. Under this natural compulsion the human beings irrespective of differing labels and identities constitute the uniqueness in the shape of global society on the values like peace, justice, compassion, rationalism, humanism, tolerance, pluralism and brotherhood. This inherently designed human integration by natural arrangement can neither be disintegrated nor destabilized. Actually manís immortification in violation of natural arrangement is the result of above referred anti-human and anti-nature tendencies reflecting satanic mindsets and misdeeds. Instead of submitting to the commandments of Allah Almighty mankind generally accepted the servitude of carnal desires and opted to serve and worship these. This provoked in him the pretext for the expression of hatred, enmity, confrontation and divisiveness and helped in disintegrating the concept of global society and segmented humanity and demarcated territories. Human being has been send to this world with a specific objective. Holy Quíran states that Almighty Allah designated the top position to mankind above all creations of the world and bestowed in him the wisdom and sensitivity and at the same time assigned him the responsibility of managing world affairs so that he can work for the betterment welfare and reformation of humanity. Promote good and eradicate evil. This is the message of Islam, and same is taught by other religions about the human objective. But unfortunately we deviated from this right path shown by our respective religions and this deviation instigated us towards wrong and devilish. The result is we ignored our religious teachings. The most unfortunate fact is that we are behaving like brutes and shamelessly committing these devilish deeds without any fear and equally disgusting is our misinterpretation of religious teachings to justify these evil acts right by one way or the other. Our conscience has died. We are worse than beasts killing humanity on one or the other pretext. The pretexts keep on changing as per the desires and demands of our immortification. The humanity of all sorts is paying heavy costs for sustaining immortification in the shape of satanic acts like killings, massacres, wars, communal riots, racial discriminations, injustices, hate crimes, socio economic disparities.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


If we all really want to serve the objective of Allah Almighty then we have to change ourselves, we have to think in terms of brotherhood, mutual co-existence and interdependence of whole global society which includes all human beings of all nations, all territories, all religions, races and all languages. We have to accept that we all are equal before Allah Almighty and most revered is the righteous. We have to keep in mind that Allah Almighty has created all of us from one pair Adam and Eve. We have to purify our conscious and sub conscious thinking to make it in conformity with the commandments of Allah Almighty so that we are ready to pursue for Divine arrangement of the whole world. For achieving this noble mission


Whole humanity has to work collectively in order to restructure and reshape the present day world. So that there are no further aggressions, no communal riots, no violent acts, no hate crimes, no racial, social and economic discriminations and exploitations. Nationality should not impede the way of human welfare and development. Borders should be managed in such a way as are irrelevant, and permit the free access to every where. The heads of the countries should think themselves the promoters of peace and reformers of the humanity. Nations should work as the diversified part of global human society. Peace justice liberty, brotherhood, tolerance equal socio-economic development of the humanity should be the policy of government and peoples. This whole world belongs to Allah Almighty. We all need to bear this in mind.


Mohammad Yousuf Naqash


Chairman, Islamic Political Party (JK)


Head , Human Rights Cell


All Parties Hurriyat Conference


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