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Jumma Khutbah – Mecca 5th June 2009

Posted on June 8, 2009 by Umm Yum Yum

Sheikh Salih At-Talib gave the khutbah this Friday 5th June 2009 in the Grand Mosque of the holy city of Mecca.


Topic – ISLAMIC CURRICULUM IN THE MUSLIM WORLD – Important for our future generation.


All praise is due to Allah, the one to whom belongs all knowledge. Who has  knowledge of everything in the heavens and the earth. The earth which is decorated with his signs. The one who taught us all that there is to know. Who taught us with the pen and has taken us out of darkness and into the light. The one who sent us messengers. I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship other than Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad Sal Allahu alayhi wa Sallam is his messenger.


Oh Muslims, when we see the muslim world in chaos and confusion, we become worried about the future of the muslims in generations to come. Most Scholars are busy, with their primary concern being that which affects the Muslim Ummah  – The Education System.


The first school was established by Prophet Muhammad Sal Allahu alayhi wa Sallam. From that foundation of knowledge and from the students that were brought up from that school, we have history and Islamic civilisation which stems from it. The past nations achieved success with this knowledge. The Muslim nation will not achieve this success and glory except by applying what the previous nations achieved.


It is with this knowledge that we build societies and communities. It is with this knowledge that we can worship Allah in the correct manner, from the people of knowledge who sit on thrones. It is them whom deserve our utmost respect and welfare as they shape  our future. Do you know any better societies than the teachers who build intellect?


 Muslim children are in the trust of Muslim teachers. They can’t teach piety and virtue unless they themselves are pious and virtuous. The young children learn holistically, they learn through feeling rather than through instructions. Investing in human capacity is the best investment.


Muhammad Sal Allahu alayhi wa Sallam said that when the son of Adam dies, he leaves behind everything except three things, perpetual charity, pious and Godly children. (didn’t mention third – beneficial knowledge)


In order for us to leave behind righteous children, they must be brought up in a society that is conducive to this way of thought. They are a trust unto us. Whatever we put into them, they will reap in the future. Allah Subhana wa ta’ala’s angels pray and send salutations on the teachers of goodness. Those who teach virtue.


Knowledge is not restricted to shariah sciences alone. Everything, whether it is military, technology, politics, religion, all are important if they bring goodness and piety.  We should refrain from evil and that which takes away piety. We should invest in technologies that improve our system.


We should have a curriculum which is adopted by the limits set out by Allah Subhana wa ta’ala, and carry the spirit in the guidance of the Prophet, peace be upon him. Through a social educational system, we carry through a sound path in civilisation.


Knowledge is based on a deep root of understanding of Allah and his prophet. Civilisation is a blessing to mankind and Islam, but we have lost our strength. Strength in civilisation is known by strength in education.


Cultures are introduced by their students. Syllabus culture is a sovereign right. It is this, that differentiates itself to it’s people. When you see a curriculum that does not have virtue, religious, piety or value of it’s community, you see the community grow without virtue or piety.


Nations try to impose their curriculum from societies that are contrary to our beliefs. They have hidden motives to secularise our societies and it becomes easy for them to control us. Many nations are industrially advanced but lack the basic ingredients of happiness in their communities. What is the point of building lofty building when your principle morals and values are  burried in the ground. It doesn’t bring harmony, just monetary value.


Islam has a holistic approach. Issues of shariah, science, social or political, Islam encourages us to advance in all these areas. If the Ummah lost it’s authority, it would become nothing but numbers when we have an identity that is supposed to guide us.


There are those who point the finger at Saudi Arabia, saying that they are behind by adhering to segregation. However UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) have expressed the success in the Saudi Arabian Educational system, with a factor due to segregation. If this model could be followed, then they would look to establish this elsewhere.


Other nations are envyous of this success in Saudi Arabia, so they try to look at the bad points of the country and ignore all the breakthroughs that the country have made. We are living in a time of intellectual warfare. Globalisation has asked us to adopt this approach.


The Scholars need to deal with religious values and ensure that they are not diluted or brushed aside in dealing with this. Allah reminds us that everything returns back to him.


2nd Part of Khutba


All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the world. The most generous. Muhammad is his servant and Messenger.


Education, required not from one flat angle but through a holistic manner. Parents have a role, visual media, all play a vital role in inculcating the values of Islam and its principles.


Especially when there is a conflict of what is happening at home and what is portrayed in the media. They are different. A lot of the media is western, with conflicting messages, causing his students to not understand the correct message. Conviction in Allah Subhana wa ta’ala, is in contradiction, with the spread of the media having no basis in our society. It is impossible to think that you can achieve advancements by leaving Islamic values and adopting western values. You would be spiritually and morally bankrupt even though you may be monetarilly well off.


If we become like other nations and let everyone do whatever they will, we will see much corruption as we see in other societies that we point our fingers at. There are horrific character flaws in the western world. Just look at the media to see the lack of moral values. That is what we will get if we follow them. For a virtuous and sound society, look at the Islamic curriculum and Islamic education system.


However, we should look at the knowledge and experience of other nations.


Oh you, protect yourselves from a fuel that is made from men and stones. We send salutations to the prophet Muhammad Sal Allahu alayhi wa Sallam, his family, companions and all those muslims who follow him.


Oh Allah, all those whose efforts to put vice and corruption in society, stop them from succeeding. Oh Allah, guide our leadership and avoid bad leadership. Oh Allah, we seek refuge from all forms of suffering, trials and forgive the muslims. Relieve those in calamity and difficulty. Relieve those who are ill. Forgive our parents and their parents. Guard our youth, elderly and children. Forgive us our repentence. All praise are due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.


Written from the translation of Mustafa al Mansoor – Islam Channel


All that is true and correct is from Allah, anything of error is from me and shaytaan.


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