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Protocols of the Elders of Islam?



Tuesday, May. 19 2009 @ 1:58PM


By Nick Schou in The Hilarious Haters


As its name suggests, the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance in LA is supposed to promote the kind of cultural dialog that brings people together rather than pushes them apart. So it's more than a little bit odd that the center showed a movie last weekend that has been compared to the gold-standard of anti-Semitic propaganda: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


The latter tome was supposedly written by the Jews who secretly want to take over the world. Actually it's pure fiction, but the book nonetheless helped pave the way for Russian pogroms in the 19th Century and the Nazi-era holocaust. The film in question, "The Third Jihad," was screened at the Museum of Tolerance last Sunday. Like the book before it, the film claims to provide evidence of a global plot of subversion, in this case a plot to subvert America by blood-thirsty terrorists posing as regular-guy American Muslims.


"The Third Jihad" begins with a disclaimer saying that most Muslims are okay folks, and that this movie only talks about the ones that want to kill all Americans. It was produced by a shadowy outfit called the Clarion fund, which according to an Institute for Policy Studies report has ties to right-wing supporters of Israel who oppose all talks with the Palestinians. 28 million copies were distributed to voters in 14 swing states just before last November's presidential election, perhaps to inflame fears that Barack HUSSEIN Obama might be part of this purported Muslim takeover plot.


The supposed evidence for this plot against America is a secret "American Muslim Brotherhood Jihad Manifesto" that the film's producers claim was discovered and later released by the FBI in connection with its probe of the Holy Land foundation last year. Efforts by the Weekly to verify the existence, much less the text of that memo were inconclusive. Google "American Muslim Brotherhood" and "Jihad Manifesto" and all you get are links to stories about the "Third Jihad" movie.


On May 15, Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations' Greater Los Angeles Area chapter, sent a letter asking the Simon Wiesenthal Center to call of its showing of the film. "As an institution that claims as its goal battling hatred and bigotry across the world, I am disappointed to see the Wiesenthal Center engage in promoting hatred and bigotry against another minority--American Muslims," Ayloush wrote.


The center wrote back saying that it wasn't going to cancel the film because it wants to promote discussion. For his part, Ayloush says there's a big difference between debating what American Muslims think about U.S. society and promoting the concept -- familiar to Jew-baiters throughout modern history -- that American Muslims want to take over the world.


"Claiming that American Muslims are part of some world-wide conspiracy to take over America is nothing short of concerted hateful fear mongering that intends to build animosity and even eventual violence against Muslims," he argues. "The Holocaust in Europe and the genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda did not happen in a vacuum. They were preceded with such baseless hateful material that dehumanized the intended targeted community and were promoted by many enablers who falsely hid behind the claim of "generating discussion and sharing views." 



Tags: CAIR, jews, museum of tolerance, muslims


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      6 Comment(s) / Post a Comment


dre says:


Why doesn't CAIR's Hussam Ayloush show up and join the roundtable discussion at the event that CAIR was invited to attend. He could voice his opposition there. CAIR chose, for the second time, not to attend.


Why not show up? Because he would be exposed for the terrorist supporting officer of CAIR that so dutifully tries to obscure.


Posted on Tuesday, May. 19 2009 @ 4:33PM


uncontested translation says:


This is the actual court exhibit. What you could not find is on page 21. Allegedly.



Posted on Tuesday, May. 19 2009 @ 8:03PM


Jim Smith says:


The difference between anti-antisemitism and anti-Islamism, is that there is a huge amount of evidence that Islamists are engaged in effort to establish a global totalitarian Islamic government. There is no evidence that Jews intend anything other than establishing their peaceable kingdom in the lands God gave them.


Violence and Islam go hand in hand.


Posted on Tuesday, May. 19 2009 @ 8:12PM


qazi1 says:


Yeah Sure... there is "Grand Plot" by American Muslims to take over U.S.... its all ***. It the anti-Islam folk who don't recognize that there on par with racist, xenophobic, and 'Nazi' ideology. What gives you (Jim Smith) the right to equate an entire religion to violence? Every religion on the planet has both peaceful and violent attributes; I can say that Jews plan to take over the Holy Land through conquest. See hows that not true... just as your Islam-domination theory is not true! Right don't you actually meet a real Muslim; go to your local mosque, ask questions... who knows, you all might see some real human beings!


Posted on Tuesday, May. 19 2009 @ 8:51PM


Thomas Miller says:


For a complete analysis of the document in question and other related documents, go here:



Posted on Tuesday, May. 19 2009 @ 11:57PM


The Clarion Fund says:








(LOS ANGELES, CA – May 19, 2009) The Clarion Fund announced today that the West Coast premiere of its newest documentary film, The Third Jihad, was a stunning success, drawing a capacity crowd at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles on Sunday evening. Though the event was billed as a film screening, it was transformed into a celebration of the courageous voice of Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim and American patriot who is leading the charge against radical Islam.


“The Museum of Tolerance showed courage in hosting this event, and class in not responding to its critics,” said Peter Connors, Executive Director of Clarion. “It was the perfect atmosphere for Dr. Jasser to rally the American Muslim community to stop the radicals that are co-opting their peaceful religion and promulgating heinous human rights injustices.”


Despite great personal risk, Dr. Jasser, a former physician to the U.S. congress and the founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), has taken a leading role in exposing and fighting the threat of radical Islamism and jihadism in America. He promotes the synergy of the Muslim faith, in belief and practice, with the American values of democracy, freedom, and liberty.


“It is time for the mainstream Muslim population – and the American public – to raise its voices louder than the theocrats, militants and radical Islamists who generally voice the ‘opinions’ of Islam,” said Dr. Jasser. “It is my mission to rally the Muslim ‘business community’ to begin speaking for themselves, so that the radical Islamists can no longer articulate and define what Islam is and what it isn’t.”


The Third Jihad, which is narrated by Dr. Jasser, centers on the FBI discovery of a Grand Jihad Manifesto calling for “civilization jihadist process,” a cultural jihad to undermine the U.S. from within using non-violent strategies. Dr. Jasser illustrates how this silent war has already begun in America and other Western countries.


“The most important contribution of this film is introducing the American public to moderate Muslims who unequivocally denounce terrorism and extremists in their midst,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, itself a producer of the Academy Award-winning documentary films The Long Way Home and Genocide through Moriah Films. “It provides a window into the inner struggle of these brave individuals over which values will ultimately prevail in their community.”


The film features interviews with experts on radical Islam and American security specialists, including leading expert professor Bernard Lewis, former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Senator Joe Lieberman, CIA Director Jim Woolsey, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, as well as a first-hand account from a former terrorist. All those interviewed agree that the spread of Islamic fundamentalism in America is a societal reality that cannot be ignored.


The successful Washington, DC, and Los Angeles premieres of the film have paved the way for additional screenings across the country over the next several months, including an exclusive event at The New York Directors Guild Theatre in June.



# # #


The Clarion Fund ( is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to educate Americans about issues of national security. The organization focuses primarily on the emergent threat of radical Islam. To that end, Clarion produces and distributes documentary films and facilitates online education to help Americans better understand the real dangers posed by radical Islam. In addition to, the organization’s interactive online educational and social networking tool, Clarion has a popular live-blogging presence on Twitter: @No2RadicalIslam.


Nancy Duncan

Clarion Fund PR



Posted on Wednesday, May. 20 2009 @ 1:22AM

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