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Can a hadith be fabricated or weak?......?



Am a bit confused because as far as i know, hadith means the saying of prophet (saw), how can his saying be weak or fabricated? I asked a question yesterday and the user "brutally" has given an answer which is indeed convincing but he used the word "fabricated" for a hadith he mentioned and for another hadith he said that it is "weak". I have chosen his answer as the best but when i showed my brothers his answer, they said to me that all hadith are absolutely true and that there is no weak or fabricated hadith and that the user "brutally" must surely be an enemy of Islam

1 day ago

Additional Details

@majored so you want to say that the user "brutally" was right?

1 day ago


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By majeed32... Member since:

August 23, 2007

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16739 (Level 6)

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Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

Yes, lots of Ahadith that Shias quote to justify Muta, reasons for their separation from main stream Muslims, Descendents of Fatima being the only Imams of Muslims, that Prophet raised hand of Ali during Hajj said that Ali is my successor - are all lies fabricated by Shia leaders.


1. Hazrat Abu Bakar, Omar and most Sahaba closest of Prophet and a large number of Ansars from Madina were present during the first and only Hajj of Prophet Mohammad SAW. If Prophet had said that Ali is my successor then majority of Muslims would never have allowed Abu Bakar, Omar and Othman to be successors of RasoolulLah before Ali. Sahaba like Abu Bakar, Omar and Othman would never have accepted the nomination to be successor if Prophet had ever said such a thing.


2. Muta was never allowed nor practiced by Muslims in Madina. It is haram to marry some one with a prior agreed plan for divorce. But Shias do Muta for 1/2 to many years and write in their marriage contract when the Muta will end. This encourages Shia women to practice Muta for prostitution in Shia countries. It is absolutely haram and was never allowed in Islam. When Omar bin Khattab became Khilafah, Muta was practiced in Iraq. So Omar banned it completely because Islam never allowed such a haram thing.


People had been fabricated Ahadith in early Islam after death of Prophet SAW to convince people to do what some leaders wanted them to do by quoting fabricated Ahadiths. Imam being very strict in selection of Ahadith has less ahadith as compared to Muslim, Dawood, Ibne Majah, Tirmizi etc. Less known as scholar of Hadith, greater number of ahadith are in his collections because they didn't try to distinguish right from wrong ahadith and added every thing they heard from people. Lots of them were Fabricated, weak and doubtful ahadith.


This doesn't mean that Muslims should completely stop believing in ahadith. Prophet said in his last sermon during his Hajj that I leave two things

Quran and my Sunnah. Any one, who leaves on of the two, will go stray. All Sunnahs also came from the collection of ahadith.

1 day ago

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By Mujahid Member since:

June 23, 2009

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393 (Level 2)

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Every hadith has an isnad


Isnad is the tracking of the people who said that hadith to other people


For example:


I heard guy1 saying that guy2 heard that the Sahaba heard the Prophet (pbuh) said:



When they study the Isnad they study the people who said that isnad and they know who were righteous and who was not


And if the Isnad is strong and many people or Sahaba talked about it then itís a sahih


When the Isnad is weak or one of the men in the isnad wasn't righteous or moral they don't pick the hadith and it considered as a weak hadith.


Its strictly haram to lie about the prophet(pbuh) and say lies and say itís from the prophet so they study the isnad to make sure only the true hadiths are used.

1 day ago

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By Henchman Member since:

February 22, 2006

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Hadith means report, account, and saying. The hadiths are reports about Muhammad and his companions' actions and sayings.


There are MANY fabricated and weak ahadith. That's the most diplomatic way I can put it. Hadith enthusiasts categorize them according to what they consider a strong or reliable chain of narrators.


Anyone saying they are all true haven't read them at all. It doesn't take much reading to come across know what; I think I'll stop there.

1 day ago

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By " Member since:

August 05, 2008

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Good BA here about it:


It definitely does answer your question. In case you can't be bothered reading it, one strong point from there is this:

'Imaam Muslim states in the introduction to his saheeh, under the chapter heading, "the weak ahaadeeth are to be discarded and only authentic ahaadeeth are to be narrated,"'


This shows how Muslim wanted only hadiths which were strong so no mistakes could occur within the text, leading to the wrong/untrue practices that may occur.


Allah (Swt) knows best.

1 day ago

One fellow in this forum wrote bad about Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) and shows a hadith that Prophet sleep with nine wife in a night nahudubilla.Sometime there are stupid people can easily fabricate which has no logic in it.So leave it to Allah and ask for guidance.


Yes hadiths can be weak. It is all upon the narrator of the hadith. If that person lied even ONCE then they are considered untrustworthy and the hadith is considered weak. The scholars look at the chain of narrators all the way back to the Sahabah to determine if a hadith is sahih or weak.

1 day ago

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by Mr. Shaikh Member since:

February 28, 2008


Dear Sister Sultana, people should think that even if the Hadith is weak but if that message is within the spirit of Islamic Teachings, one should'nt hesitate in practicing it or adapting it. There is one ghazal in Urdu which is "Ghar se Masjid hai bahut dur chalo yun karlein, Ek chote se bachche ko hasaayaa jaaye ". which means that if you are going to a mosque but it is far and in between you happen to meet a crying child, wouldn't you make him smile even if that means you are little late for your prayers. Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta'alaa) sees your heart and not your external actions. He is well aware of your intentions. Thus, anything good within the spirit of Islam should never be rejected irrespective of the authenticity of the Hadith. But this does not apply to all situations. I hope you understand what I am trying to convey.

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