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Islam has the Potential to unite Muslims Globally: Obama is trying to Disarm Them

Written by

Tuesday, 16 June 2009 00:00


History tells us that wars are won by the side that has the latest weapons of war. So, the West is likely to be the winner. However, history also tells us that from time to time, the Spirit Force of a people manages to win against all odds.


Islam and the Qur'an have this power to confront enemies embedded within it in a manner that in an instant the entire Muslim Ummah could unite, inshallah. It is for Muslims as individuals to use the power given to each and every Muslim to be leaders and to confront corrupting evil forces around them and to never give up (This is why I believe that Islam is the only truly democratic entity in the world today).



It is for this reason that the West has for centuries been trying to destroy Islam, the Qur'an, it's Prophet and its followers. Islam poses a formidable challenge to all tyrants, corrupters of society, unjust rulers. The current US and most importantly Zionist/Israeli attitudes towards the global Muslim community reflect all past attempts to confront, disarm, weaken, and destroy the Muslims although they are trying very hard to find arguments to debunk this view.


They use words that would appeal to Muslims to disarm them and then attack to gain power. They physically disarm them by taking away their weapons including nuclear capabilities, make alms-giving "unlawful" because they say so, making charitable groups "unlawful" and on their "hit list" because they say so, etc.


If one listens and views all of the current attempts by President Obama from this angle, then one can see the purpose under the surface illogicality of his statements and offerings of peace to the Muslim world. (You will find fragments of this on the video of June 1, 2009 titled "Obama Praises 'Universal' Values"--where his statements seem to imply that Islam and Muslims lack universal values and the U.S. lives them.)


(President Obama mentions building of new settlements in Palestine must stop but nothing about dismantling those built in the past decades)

In the past the West has managed to disarm the Muslims with words (for evidence of this go to President Obama's recent (June 3, 2009(?) speech given in Cairo where he gets applause when he gives the Islamic greeting and quotes from the Qur'an, etc.). Will the Muslims continue to be duped or will they ask for actions from the West as proof of a change in policy and offerings of peace to them?


Some insights that I have gained from listening to the news and from "common folk" from time to time: (1) The Pope has verbally stated intentions of the Catholic Church to convert all of Africa to Christianity. (2) Many young men in the U.S. are signing up for military service with the sole purpose of converting the Afghan and Iraqi Muslims to Christianity. These could be found in the Navy Reserves(of all places!) and in the many Evangelical Christians in the U.S. military today. (3) There was strong propaganda used against Islam and Muslims by Catholic nuns in Turkey to topple it just before they fought its "founder" of Turkey as we know it today. Are Iraqis and Afghans aware of the evangelizing forces in their midst? (4) I agree what you say about CAIR, ISNA, Zaid Shakir and his Sufi buddy because I have experienced them at a personal level. It is unfortunate that Muslims do not unite under one purpose and one goal but opt out for personal gain or "protection" from the non-Muslim elements they face.


What does the future hold for Islam and Muslims? Only Lord Almighty knows! We can only try our best to live our lives as the Lord of the Universe(s) wants us to. Most importantly, to fear Allah, Lord Almighty alone. Then every other power on this Earth fades away into insignificance.

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