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1. In regard to the chains of narration (lsnaad) of the Hadith, there are many categories. Here we discuss only three,

2. Sahih (sound) - This is a Hadith which has the following 4 qualities,

1. Its chain of narrators is mutasil (i.e. all narrators are mentioned in their respective places from the Holy Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم to the compiler of the Hadith book.

2. All its narrators possess the highest category of taqwa and piety.

None of them is a sinner (faasiq) or someone whose life is obscured.

3. The memory of the narrators is very strong and not hindered by old-age or weakness. .

4. The Hadith is not shaaz (i.e. contrary to the Mash'hoor Ahadith, a higher category of Hadith).

Hasan - This type of Hadith has a narrator who does not completely possess the rare qualities mentioned above. In other words, his piety or memory doesn't have this type of superiority.

Zaeef (weak) - This Hadith has a narrator who either doesn't have a strong memory or isn't virtuous.

2. The first two types of Hadith (Sahih and Hasan) are credible in rulings (ahkaam) and excellence (fadhaail). A weak. (Zaeef) Hadith is only reliable in excellence, not in rulings (permissibility or prohibition will not be proven for it. Yes, good deeds or the prominence of an individual can be).

The result of this is that a weak Hadith is not a lie, false or fabricated (contrary to the propaganda of Ghair-Muqauids). The Muhadditheen have kept its rank less than the first two merely for caution.

3. If a weak Hadith becomes a Hasan Hadith for some reason, it also becomes completely credible, with both excellence and rulings able to be proven from it.

4. A weak narration sometimes becomes Hasan in the following situations,

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