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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Respect the Qur'an and the Qur'an speak leave as is, do not let him curse you ..... Hundreds of thousands of Majlis Al-Quran teaching spread all over the indonesia. Most are in environmental pesantren-pesantren Al-Quran is related in a network of teacher-student.

Reading Al-Quran, of course, the practice of very major, especially in the month of Ramadan is the month it was revealed Al-Quran. In addition to a wage increase our wealth, to read Al-Quran is also a psychic entertainment which is very diverting. Reading holy verses that flows smoothly from the lips like we accompany talks with the khaliq.


Unfortunately, over the development period, when the Al-Quran recitation in the big city is no longer seramai first, smooth and fluent reading Al-Quran is not a skill easily found on the youth of Islam. The growth even Taman Pendidikan Al-Quran and various methods of teaching Al-Quran flash quickly can not afford to compensate the wave and the modernization movement westernisasi culture.


Learn Al-Quran-including how to read it - is not easy to reverse the hands. To get the results expected, it takes a special teacher who really have the ability and authority (certificate) of Al-Quran. For the process of learning Al-Quran mensaratkan the talaqqi (meeting the teacher - student directly) in the process.


For the Quran ahl ul scholars believe, the only person who can read Al-Quran with a fluent and understand its contents with the Prophet SAW is the teaching that obtained directly from the angels Gabriel. While the reading level of the people than he is good he is only just approaching fluency. That is not many in number. Recognition accuracy will be how to read Al-Quran should get recognition from the Prophet SAW.


That is, although at the time of Rasulullah many friends who memorize Al-Quran, but only a few people who just got a mandate to teach the Qur'an. This is their only means of reading Al-Qurannya recognized nearly perfect, so worthy teach others.


Similarly, the next generation of the study directly to the Friends of the Prophet. Although the number of students from the tabiin them quite a lot, but only a small part only of the authority (certificate) to teach how to read Al-Quran. So on so forth tabiut tabiin generation and generation after generation, until the modern era, which continues to maintain the order and connection sanad genealogy. They called this the usual scholars ahlul Quran.


What about the other students who also completed the lesson, but not to get a diploma of teaching Al-Quran. Of course they can still transmit knowledge, although the value of its goodness is not the same as that obtained a diploma of teaching Al-Quran. At least, can be learned from them how to read Al-Quran correctly, because they also get it from teachers who have a teaching certificate.


Estuary Sanad Al-Quran


In Indonesia alone currently stand where tens of thousands of teaching Al-Quran. However, only a course that really has a diploma of teaching Al-Quran. Some do not have a diploma, but never learn to scholars who have teaching authority of Al-Quran. There is also a good intention, a teaching Al-Quran, although it does not have a diploma and not also act to people who have a diploma.


Places of teaching Al-Quran, and the network, which has a diploma sanad Al-Quran is usually a boarding tahfizhul Quran (Al-Quran penghafalan). Unique and almost all pesantren Al-Quran in relation to each other have a student teacher. For the history, tradition of memorizing the entire Qur'an in the traditional pesantren-pesantren in Indonesia this is only true to some empty name.


K.H. Drs. Muntaha Azhari, provost III Institute for Higher Sciences Al-Quran (PTIQ) Jakarta, who had conducted research in the field is the name of the leader Kiai Moenauwir Krapyak (Yogyakarta), Sheikh Dimyathi Tremas (Pacitan - East Java) and As Sheikh ' ad as the three leaders of some of the tradition penghafalan Al-Quran as well have continued until he sanad. Ahlul scholars of the Koran have sanad most pesantren Al-Quran modern estuary.


If you're interested in learning or want to recommend a place to learn and memorize Al-Quran which has continued to genealogical Rasululah SAW (although not all have a teaching certificate), following a brief review places are.


The pesantren Al-Quran of the modern can not be separated from the boarding Krapyak, Yogyakarta. For the establishment of boarding Moenauwir leader in the early 20th century this has been born many pesantrens alumnus. Champion Moenawwir deepens Al-Quran recitation for six years in the Makkah. Some of the teachers who teach tahfizh, commentary and qiraat sab'ah in Makkah, among other Sanqoro Sheikh Abdullah, Sheikh Sarbini, Mukri Sheikh, Sheikh Ibrahim Huzaimi, Sheikh Mansur, Sheikh Abdus Syakur and Sheikh Musthofa.


Because of its versatility in mengaji, qiraat sab'ah his teacher, Sheikh Yusuf Hajar, gave him a diploma sanad qiraah continued until the Messenger of Allah: that is very rarely found students Sheikh Yusuf is very difficult because the requirements. In the genealogy Kiai is on the order Moenauwir third forty five. There are also other sanad the obtaining of Sheikh Abdul Karim bin Umar Al-Badri Ad-Dimyathi, a little shorter.


Not now have the name Al-Munawwir are located in the southern central city of Yogyakarta. Currently, the pesantren has opened many units of formal education, level start kindergarten until ma'had ali (pesantrens sterling), the second-generation diasuh by: KH Zainal Abidin Munawwir, KH Ahmad Warson (lexicographer al-Munawwir), KH Attabik Ali, K.H. Najib (nurse tahfzhul Quran) and some other Kiai.


Near Sunan Kudus

Still in Yogyakarta, there were also some pesantren Al-Quran which is the pesantren alumni Krapyak. The most famous is the Pondok Pesantren Sunan Pandan Aran, who didirkan by al-maghfurlah KH Mufid Mas'ud. Boarding in the 12-kilometer road now Kaliurang diasuh by children Mufid leader who led by KH Mu'tashim Mufid.


Meanwhile, in Central Java, the number of pesantren Al-Quran more. In the city of Solo, for example, there is Pesantren Al-Muayyad the diasuh by KH Abdul Rozaq Shofawi and Pesantren Al-Qurani the diasuh by KH Abdul Karim. Both boarding the same is located in the village Mangkuyudan, Purwosari, Laweyan Solo, it has a different sanad. Pesantren Al-Muayyad have sanad from Krapyak, Yogyakarta, while the Pesantren al-Qurani's Tremas Pacitan.


Pesantren Al-Quran in the other major Central Java city are in Kretek, Holy. Namanya Yanbuul not stand in the Quran Kajeksan, not far from the tomb of Sunan Kudus. Boarding, which was established by al-maghfurlah K.H. Arwani Amin (Krapyak alumnus) is now led by KH Ulil Albab and K.H. Ulin Nuha is also one of the central teaching Thariqah Naqsyabandiyyah Khalidiyyah.


Not far from Kudus, Demak also stand in some pesantren Al-Quran. The most famous is not Bustanul 'Usyaqil Quran, which was established by KH Sheikh Muhammad bin-Tarmasi Mahfudz At the Village Betengan. Now Betengan not care by the second generation, KH Muhammad Harir. There is also the Pesantren Nurul Quran, Sayung, led by KH Masroni. In addition to boarding train Al-Quran, Kiai Masroni also known as a substitute in Thariqah Mursyid Syadziliyyah the diasuh Luthfi by Habib Bin Yahya, Pekalongan.


While in the Holy east, precisely in the area Kajen, Pati, Huda Mathali'ul not stand the diasuh by KH Nafi 'Abdillah and his brother-younger brother. Pesantren heritage champion Kiai Abdullah Salam was also known as a place of teaching Thariqah Naqsyabandiyyah Khalidiyyah.


Besides, there's more Pesantren Al-Asy'ariyyah Kalibeber in Wonosobo. Pesantren established by the deceased K.H. Muntaha and is now led by K.H. Ahmad Faqih Muntaha education is also a common starting kindergarten to university. Pesantren Al-Quran is very popular in the Pesantren Benda Bumiayu is established by the KH Suhaimi (Munawwir student leader, Krapyak).


Outside boarding, teaching Al-Quran Mosque also held Kauman Semarang. Theory that originally diasuh by al-lah maghfur Kiai Abdullah Umar, student leader Munawwir Krapyak, Yogyakarta. Sepeninggal leader Umar Abdullah, the theory forwarded by colleagues and students.


Meanwhile, in West Java teaching Al-Quran is based in several cities. The most famous is the Cirebon have three pesantren Al-Quran and a few large pesantren Al-Quran small. The largest Pesantren Al-Quran Kempek (led by Umar KH Sholeh), led by Gedongan Pesantren KH Amin Siradj (uncle KH Said Aqil Siradj) and Pesantren Tahfzhul Akhlaq in Winong that diasuh KH Rohibulloh.


Scholarships Penghafal Al-Quran


Cirebon addition, there are also in Indramayu pesantren Al-Quran which is being increased leaf, that is not Tarbiyatul Wildan the diasuh KH Mamduh. Pesantren tahfizhul Quran is famous because tahfizh a program for children. This pattern of pesantren education system adopted in the boarding mother, not Tarbiyatul Wildan Sedayu, Gresik, East Java.


In addition to two city teaching tahfizhul also found in the Quran Manonjaya (Tasikmalaya), Pesantren Darit Tafsir Pagentongan, Bogor, and Pesantren Al-Falah Bandung led Ajengan martyr.


Meanwhile, in Banten Province, pesantren Al-Quran is not the most famous Cidahu, Cadasari, Pandeglang, founded by deceased Abuya Dimyathi. It's also not Cikaduen, Banten, which is a holdover KH Damanhuri.


Gress and the most is the Pesantren Darul Quran Bulaksantri Karangtengah Tangerang, which diasuh by muballigh canal Ustadz Yusuf Mansur. Program to strengthen the Al-Quran recitation is, with the famous boarding scholarships penghafal of Al-Quran will bring teachers, teacher Al-Quran of some pesantren Al-Quran in Central Java, such as Yanbu'ul and Usyaqil Holy Quran Quran Betengen, Demak.


No less with other provinces in Java, East Java province which is known as the center also has a large boarding boarding hundreds of Al-Quran. Some of them are very famous and has become a goal santri Al-Quran from the various regions to mengaji, either start a new grind and who want tabarukan.

Besides not Tremas Pacitan Krapyak as the estuary is also a genealogical sanad Pesantren Al-Quran, Quran recitation tahfizhul famous in Gresik, Jombang, Kediri, and Langitan. Some unique boarding Al-Quran is the unit or from the boarding-book such as boarding Ploso, Lirboyo, Langitan and Tebuireng.


In Jombang, for example, there are boarding Madrasatul Koran Tebuireng diasuh by KH Musta'in Syafi'i, Pesantren Nurul Quran Bendungrejo (led by Ruslan Jumail KH), and Pesantren Nurul Jadid Plandi (Afif Abdul led KH). While in the program Kediri penghafalan Al-Quran Madrasah Murottilil found in the Quran (MMQ) led KH Abdullah Kafa bih Machrus and led Pesantren Darussalam KH Maftuh Bashtul Birri. Both are in Pesantren Lirboyo environment. It's also not Maunahsari, Bandar Kidul, which was founded by KH Munzir Mubasyyir.


Posted by syarifuddin at 4:58 AM

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