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Thursday, July 16, 2009 4:31 AM

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Both DUA (praying) and ZHIKR (meditation with ALLAH Names) are some practices aimed for widening the brain's dynamic capacity and enabling (facilitating) it to express qualities and potency which are laid dormant in itself, that such qualities were bestowed by ALLAH. In addition, through such practices, a person constructs his own afterlife body...

You were brought to being with the Beautiful Names of ALLAH and within the Science (awareness) of Hu. Therefore, the meanings that the Names of ALLAH indicated are unfolded (revealed) in your brain as your characteristics. When you constantly repeat the Beautiful Names of ALLAH in your mind, you promote your brain to reveal better the meanings corresponding to these Names and the capabilities such Names indicated.

For instance, when you repeat the Name "Mureed" that is the ALLAH's attribute of "WILL," certain number of times, say three thousand times a day, you will soon notice your will power improving. You will be surprised to find out your efficiency in accomplishing most of the things without great exertion, which you used to fail before because of weakness in your will power.

If you repeat the ALLAH's Name "Quddus" in addition to "Mureed" same number of times every day, besides practicing the dua "kuddus'ut takhiru min kulle suin" three hundred to five hundred times a day, you will simply quit smoking, drinking or drug addiction without any exertion... You may ask if this is for real or if they are really helpful! Try and see it for yourself! Just keep practicing them continuously for a few months. You will then see the results even if you do not have any belief of their help.

Because, this event of practicing ZHIKR is completely a technical process; therefore, acquiring its benefits is not dependent on one's belief. We have observed it in countless number of experiments...

So many people quitted their habits easily after they began practicing ZHIKR as we suggested and kept practicing continuously even while enjoying their drinks in bars, just for the sake of trying and without any belief in our words...

ZHIKR is a practice of repeating the words which carry certain meanings, in the brain. It is not bound by time, place or belief.

For the first time ever in Turkey as well as in the world, we have explained in our book "Mysteries of Man," published in 1986, that ZHIKR is a SYSTEM of practice to increase the activity of cellular groups in the brain parallel to the meanings of words given in a list. Further explanation is available in more details in our book "DUA and ZHIKR" and also in "Mohammed's ALLAH."

Parallel laboratory findings which described that practicing ZHIKR, namely the repetitions of nouns in the brain, increases neural activity while engaging new areas and neural groups in the brain, were published first time in 1993 in an article in December 1993 issue of the "Scientific American." The findings were conclusions of long years of intensive laboratory experiments described in this article. It concluded that: "When a person reads a new learned noun or repeats a given word, different regions and dormant neural groups of the brain engages and becomes active, so that the working capacity of the brain is increased."

Repeating in mind the given Names of Allah systematically at certain numbers for a period of time simultaneously increases your brain's capacity. Thereupon you improve your personality in the area of that given Name.

It does not matter whether you are a believer or not! Because, this is the SYSTEM and the ORDER of ALLAH. The operatives of the SYSTEM and ORDER of ALLAH have no dependence on anyone's belief.

The greatest reason for misunderstanding that matter lays in the fact that you were unaware of yourself as being a formula composed of the meanings of the Beautiful Names of ALLAH. In addition, you wrongfully presumed that you are required to practice "ibadat" in connection with a god-afar-off-yourself!

However, the Attainers of Truth, all from Ahmed Yasewi, to Yunus Emre, Abdulkadir Geylani, Imam Ghazali, Hadji Bektashi Wali, Ibrahim Hakki of Erzurum, Mewlana Jelaluddin, have drawn people's attention to the fact that "ALLAH" is within the Reality of man and have mentioned the necessity of turning toward "ALLAH" in your core and of discovering Hu within your own being, instead of turning toward a god-afar-off-yourself...

As a matter of fact, ZHIKR is not for pleasing a god-afar-off-yourself, but for knowing "ALLAH" within your own essence by means of increasing your brain power parallel to your understanding and comprehension skills. As a result, it is to promote the unfoldment of meanings of those Beautiful Names efficiently within yourself and to experience the "mystery of khaliphate" living...

If "DUA" (praying) is not for expecting something from a god-out-there, then what is it?

Continued in the next post, inshAllah...

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