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Book Review : The Lost History

The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Scientists, Thinkers, and Artists
By Michael Hamilton Morgan
Foreword by His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan
“Even if you must go all the way to China,” said the Prophet, “seek knowledge”.  This was the theme of Muslim (Submission) during the golden age lasted for 500 years.  There was split in Muslim, those who believed and followed ‘only way to God is by Revelation’ and those who believed and followed ‘only way to God is by Reason’. 
A famous Caliph of 8th century C.E established what known as the ‘House of Wisdom’ which seeded the greatest invention, discoveries in all known fields of human knowledge – Physics, Mathematics, Astrology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Architecture, Poetry, Philosophy, Medicine and list goes on.  This golden age at 8tgh century C.E, Baghdad being the center of Islam intellect would one day lay the seeds of European renaissance and enlightenment.   Unfortunately much of the contribution from Islam is lost for every in history.  The foundation laid by Islam intellects and buildings were built by Europeans and later to become as Europe single handedly achieved the wealth of knowledge know to mankind.
Theory of relativity was known to Islam scholars a thousand years before Einstein.  Islamic scholars flew gliders eight hundred years before Wright Brothers.
I am working to compile a long list of Islamic inventions and discoveries and dates vs. the same achieved (or rather used) by European counterparts.
In an era when the relationship between Islam and the West seems fraught with misunderstanding, how many of us realize that Muslim intellectual achievement was once the envy of the world? In magnificent centers of learning, from Damascus to Baghdad and Cairo, mathematicians a thousand years ago developed algebra, algorithms, and trigonometry – the foundations upon which modern technology is built.  Inventors devised the crankshaft and early versions of the torpedo and the parachute.  Physicians’ techniques ranged from orthodontia to asthma care to tracheotomy.  And Muslim astronomers calculated our planet’s diameter and circumference to a remarkable degree of accuracy – at the time when Europeans thought the earth was flat!!!
Their contribution to modern knowledge are almost beyond counting.  How many of us know the names of ibn al-Haytham, ibn Sina, al-Tusi, al-Khwarizmi, Omar Khayyam? These very men paved the way for Newton, Copernicus, Einstein, and many others
[MS dictionary does not know them.  Newton, Einstein are valid words in English Dictionary where as ibn al-Haytham, ibn Sina are underlined RED]
The Lost History – A book from National Geographic!CE84229D91D3E867!580.entry

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