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Do you know the Mandate Given to Last Prophet (saw) through Quran and which needs to be implemented by His (saw) Followers?

To create a Society

*      Which is Just, Equitable , Compassionate and Comforting

*      Which is Open to Everybody and provide Opportunities and Choices to Everybody

*      Eradicate Hunger, Poverty, Diseases, Suffering and Injustice from this Earth


You need to Attend this Conference:

*    If you Think that Muslims are behind in Every Field

*    If you Feel that Extremists are defining the Islam for you

*    If you Want your Children to live in Today’s world and  still be good Muslims


The First International Conference for  Reconstruction of Islamic Thought

Based on Allamah Iqbal’s Concept of Muslim and ‘Khudi’

2015 (Date TBA), Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville, KY.  USA


Attending this Conference will:

  • Provide you means to Practice the  Islam in the True and Simplest Form as  it was meant to be, according to Quran and Sunnah without showmanship

·         Suggest the ways to Implement the Sunnah of the Prophet(swt)  Each and Every hour of  each and every day of life, rather than few hours in some simulated atmosphere of Halaqas or Seminars

  • List Practical points to Guide your children to lead by example in all fields of Life: Science, Economy, Social Responsibility, Governance, Health Educations and Entertainment
  • Supply Rational basis to Erase idea of superiority based on dress, rituals and extreme behavior using words such as Piety, Holiness and Spirituality

And Above All:       Make Muslims Once more the Examples to be followed  for the Betterment of Life on this Earth and Rewards  Hereafter


Prominent Speakers from all over the world will be There !

Dr (Prof) Ziauddin Sardar, One of the World's Greatest Muslim Intellectuals and Futurists, London, UK

Shaikh (Dr) Gamal Solaiman, Professor of Shari'ah, Islamic College, London, UK


Sponsoring Organizations:

Islamic Research Foundation International, Inc. (IRFI) Islamic Cultural Association of Louisville (ICAL)

Iqbal International Leadership Institute, Louisville, KY    ICL, Abdullah Muhammad Islamic Center,

Conveners: Dr. Ibrahim B. Syed,  Br. Akber Pasha Chair of Program Committee: Dr. Riffat Hassan

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