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Don’t Teach Your Wife Geography

 (A. S. K. Joommal)

By admin | July 11, 2007


 Don’t Teach Your Wife Geography


In a widely-circulated Fatwa, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi forbids the teaching of Geography to Muslim girls. In the course of a sermon at Ghazipur (India), published in ‘Al-Abqa’ September 1943, published also in a book form entitled “ Huqooq-al-Bait”, page 12, he says:“ In Kanpur, UP, ( India) I saw a man who was teaching Geography to his wife. I said: What use is Geography to a woman? Do you want her to elope? For, when she has come to know all routes, and the interesting sights of the various towns, how can she stay within the four walls of the house? The greatest accomplishment of a woman is that she should be COMPLETELY IGNORANT of any place outside her home or of any other town! This ignorance alone can keep her shut up in a house. For, in this condition, even if she wants to run away, she cannot do it. She does not know how to travel by train, where to get a ticket, which way is the station. By learning Geography, she will come to know of the world, and will easily go wherever she likes. Really, I cannot understand where lies the good in teaching Geography to a woman except to teach her how to run away.” Husbands, Beware! God help you if you ever make the unforgivable mistake of teaching Geography to your better half. This will reap a BITTER experience.! This is the type of perverted mentality and polluted mind of the mullah that sees nothing but evil in our mothers – under whose feet, according to our Nabee(pbuh), Paradise lies! The myopic Moulvi is responsible for the total subjugation of our mothers and sisters. And for keeping them ignorant of all knowledge throughout the centuries.! The Holy Prophet (pbuh) had said: “The acquisition of knowledge is INCUMBENT upon all Muslims- male and female.” The domain of knowledge includes Geography as well. This Maulana Ashraf Ali , however, has OVERRULED our Nabee’s injunction to acquire knowledge, thus posing as one who know better than the Nabee! Whose guidance we must follow- the Holy Prophet’s or Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi’s? Take your choice! (A. S. K. Joommal)


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