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Fabricated hadiths 2

, October 3, 2009

Signs of Fabrication in Hadiths

On the basis of the methods of textual criticism developed by Muslim scholars of Hadith, the following signs were considered indicators of the occurrence of fabrication:

1- Disproportionately high rewards for small good deeds, or disproportionately severe punishments for ordinary sins,

2- Laudation of persons, tribes, and particular places,

3- Detailed prophecies of future events with dates,

4- Remarks by the Prophet that do not match his prophetical position, or expressions that may not be suitable for him,

5- Non-Arabic style or structure,

6- Fanciful statements that the Prophet could not have made,

7- Statements claimed to have been made by the Prophet in the presence of many Companions, but which are not reported by any of them, and

8- Phraseology that resembles that of the Sufi masters.

Posted by Baseerath at Saturday, October 03, 2009

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