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Articles 1801 - 1900

1801. A Medieval Physician Is Remembered
1802. Ban the Burqa, the Hijab and the Niqab
1803. Bible Compared to Qur'an
1804. Challenge and Response
1805. Commentary - Who's the Real Threat
1806. Democracy in Islamic Political Thought
1807. Follow the Quran
1808. From Hijab to Circumcision
1809. Get with the Program or Get Out
1810. Getting Kicked Around by Civilized Nations
1811. Growing Interest in No-Interest Bonds
1812. Hijab is Nothing More than a Fashion Accessory
1813. Hijab
1814. Historical Roots and Islamofascism
1815. History of Islam in Iowa
1816. Importance Of Being Bilkis
1817. Indian Muslim Dilemma
1818. Interesting Psak from Imam Dr. Attiya
1819. Invaders or Saviors A Scholar Considers
1820. Iran's Ayatollah - West Abuses Women, Islam Honors
1821. Islam Protects Minorities and Safeguards the Rights of Foreigners
1822. Islam's Defensive Play- Keep Abused Women from Blaming Religion
1823. Islamic Civilization by the Numbers
1824. Islamic Development Bank Seeks World-Class Science
1825. Islam's Long Siesta
1826. It is Time to (re) Open Dialogue with Islam
1827. Jordan Still Wrestles with 'Honor' Crimes
1828. Lessons from Pakistan
1829. Letter from Barack Obama on His Muslim Heritage
1830. Mary - the Blessed Virgin of Islam
1831. Most Sientific Theories Owe their Origin to Religions
1832. Muslims' Influence Broad and Varied
1833. Of Cultural Crimes and Denials
1834. Pakistan's Nuclear Threat
1835. Privatizing Zionism
1836. Reflections on Holocaust
1837. Religious Studies Professor Delves into Christian History
1838. Saluting Bilkis Bano
1839. Science - Islam's Forgotten Geniuses
1840. Sincerity in Religious Acts
1841. Some Western Reactions to Hijab
1842. Still Dead On Arrival
1843. The Empire That Must Be Obeyed
1844. The Fate of American Muslims
1845. The Fundamental Concept in the Islamic Movement
1846. The Hijab - What does it Mean for Women
1847. The Road from Makkah
1848. The True Miracle of Israel
1849. UN Women's Rights Expert to Visit Saudi Arabia
1850. Wearing Hijab is a Form of Liberation

1851. A Case Before the Nation
1852. All Change for Science in the OIC
1853. Bride Marries Father-in-Law in Saudi Switcheroo
1854. Change in the Air - Science in the Muslim World
1855. Clash With Islam - A Historical Perspective
1856. Dr. Javed Ahmed Ghamidi Summary
1857. Ever Wonder Why
1858. Excellence of Seeking Islamic Knowledge
1859. Female Circumcision is Not Required by Islam
1860. Harmonizing Science and Islam in Iran
1861. Hijab for Men
1862. Historian Tackles Muslim Spain
1863. How Muslims Transformed Mediterranean Countries
1864. Imagine a World Without Islam
1865. Iran - Islam as an Excuse for Misogyny Continues
1866. Islamic Countries 'Dragging Their Feet' on Science Plan
1867. Islamic Countries to Fund Science Development Network
1868. Islamic Jesus
1869. Islamic States Form Network of Science Academies
1870. Knowledge is Essential for Being a Good Muslim
1871. Latest Incident of the Obsession With Hijab - Sania Mirza
1872. Lessons for Iran's Working Woman
1873. Muslim Advocates Path of Conciliation
1874. Muslim Claims of Accomplishment
1875. Muslim Science Must Join the 21st Century
1876. Muslim States Sets Scene for Science Boost
1877. Muslim Women Leaders
1878. Muslim Women Pay an Expensive Price for Wearing Hijab in North America
1879. New Centre to Advise Muslim World on Science Policy
1880. New Year
1881. No to Hijab
1882. On Reading the Koran
1883. Otherizing - Why it's Not Just a Headscarf
1884. Pakistan Plans 'State of the Art' Science Universities
1885. Recreating the Golden Age of Islamic Science
1886. Renaissance Couldn't have Happened Without Muslim Input
1887. Science and Faith in the Muslim World
1888. Taking Credit Due or Not
1889. The Missing Scientific Renaissance
1890. The Nature and Style of the Qur'an
1891. The Status of Women in Islam
1892. Time to Acknowledge Bhutto's Flawed Track Record
1893. Was Barack Obama a Muslim
1894. Who Wrote the Quran-1
1895. Who Wrote the Quran-2
1896. Why a Fund's Piety is Now Paying Off
1897. Why are so Many Women Converting to Islam-1
1898. Why Don't You Bomb Yourself and Save Us All
1899. Why Muslim Women Must Wear Hijab
1900. Why Women are Turning to Islam-2

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