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Articles 1301 - 1400

1301.  A Declaration of Independence from Israel

1302.  Abdullah Fahim: The Man Who Decided The Independence Date

1303.  An Inability to Tolerate Islam Contradicts Western Values

1304.  Behind The Red Mosque

1305.  Behind the Walls Dealing in Deen

1306.  Biography of Imaam al-Bukhaaree

1307.  Building a Science Base for Pakistan

1308.  Cracks in Zionism

1309.  For the Glory of Allah

1310.  From Atheism to Islam

1311.  From Fiqh to Quran:  Resolving Apostasy

1312.  Good for Nothing Silent Majority

1313.  Idiots on the March

1314.  Iqbal's opinion - Lal Masjid Case

1315.  Islam Brought Perfume to the World

1316.  Islam and the West: A Case of Selective Memory

1317.  Islam Is A Faith Like Any Other Religion

1318.  Islam Without Muslims; Muslims Without Islam

1319.  Islamic Creationism

1320.  Jahiliyah Renaissance Amongst Malaysian Muslims

1321.  Knowledge is Power

1322.  Lagging far Behind:  Women in the Middle East

1323.  Lal Masjid Not the Only Threat

1324.  Lal Masjid to Satanic Dwelling

1325.  Lessons from the Lal Masjid Tragedy

1326.  Lies, More Lies, and Damn Lies

1327.  Losing My Jihadism

1328.  Modernization of Indian Madarsas  

1329.  Not Acting Upon a Hadith:  Any Excuses

1330.  Offensive Liturgy

1331.  One and One Quaranic Code of Life

1332. Operation Sunrise: Not an End

1333.  Peace Movement and AIPAC

1334.  Preventing More Lal Masjids

1335.  How to Approach the Qur'an

1336.  Racism Colors West's Attitude Towards Muslims

1337.  Say - Indeed I Am a Muslim

1338.  Science Behind the Hijab

1339.  The Debt We Owe to Religion

1340.  The Enemies Within

1341.  The Legacy of Malik Shabazz:  Reassurance for Seekers of Truth

1342.  The War of the Women

1343.  The West Classical Values and Clash of Civilizations

1344.  Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Kamenei Views on Women in Islam

1345.  Walker's World:  India's Top Muslim

1346.  Wave of Sexual Terrorism in Iraq

1347.  Western Borders of Liberalism

1348.  What is Kindness to Parents

1349.  Islam in North America:  Prospects and Problems

1350.  As American As You Are

1351.  An E - Interview With Yvonne Ridley

1352.  An Appeal to America's Jewish Leaders

1353.  “An Intelligent Man’s Guide to Modern Arab Feminism”

1354.  Arranged Marriages

1355.  Cities of Light: An Intruiging Documentary

1356.  Contributions of Enslaved African Muslims

1357.  Dealing With Anger

1358.  Defending Our Own Civilization

1359.  Democracy the Right Choice Over Theocracy

1360.  Divine Methodology of Dawah

1361.  Fighting the Fanatics

1362.  Four Young Americans Take a Journey Into Islam

1363.  Hijab in Tunisia

1364.  Hijab is Not Religious Attire

1365.  Hijab is Popular

1366.  Hijab Makes Woman a Human Being

1367.  Hopes for an Islamic Renaissance?

1368.  The Wisdom Fund

1369.  "Inshallah"

1370.  Interview: Maulana Wahiduddin Khan on Intra-Muslim Sectarian Dial

1371.  Iran's Timeline

1372.  Islam and the Modern Scienes 

1373.  Islam Has Expired

1374.  Islam in America Before Columbus

1375.  Islam is a Faith Like Any Other Religion

1376.  Islamic Spain: History's Refrain

1377.  Muslim Women in the Modern World

1378.  Muslims and Anti-Semitism

1379.  Needed a Socially Engaged Islam

1380.  Non-Mahram is the Root of Islamic Hijab

1381.  On Pictures, Hijab, and Forbidding Evil

1382.  Polygamy in Islamic Law

1383.  Prophetic Wisdom - Generation Gap

1384.  Science and the Islamic World—The Quest for Rapprochement

1385.  Secular Muslims: Does Islam Need Reformation?

1386.  Sharing the Joy of Giving

1387.  Sunnah: Accepted by Sufis?

1388.  Sunnah & Hadith Recorded During Time of the Prophet

1389.  Taslima Nasreen: A Controversial Writer

1390.  That Was Then, This Is Now

1391.  The Face of Islam in America

1392.  The First War of India's Independence

1393.  The Hijab: A Label, or a State of Being?

1394.  My View of Islam

1395.  The Prophet of Moderation: Tariq Ramadan's Quest to Reclaim Islam

1396.  The Spiritual Method of Revivalism: On Hasan Al-Banna and His Legacy

1397.  The Ultimate Proof of How Patriarchal Muslim Societies Oppress Women

1398.  Violence No Answer

1399.  Which Islam? Whose Islam?

1400.  White Elephants

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