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Articles 701 - 800

701.  Religion and Terrorism

702.  To Progress, Islamic Countries Must Advance Women's Rights

703.  War is Not a Solution for Terrorism

704.  Why ISNA and Their Fiqh Council of North America Will not Stop Promoting Fitnah

705.  Woman’s Dress in the Qur’an

706.  Are Muslims Enemies of Peace? – Part 1

707.  Atatürk, His Wife and Her Biographer

708.  9-11: Five Years Later

709.  Azaan the Fact

710.  Being Muslim in India Today: Some Reflections

711.  Islam, Peace and Jihad in the Wake of the Pope’s Remarks

712.  Does Islam Permit Critical Thinking

713.  Islam versus Christianity – A Reply to The Pope

714.  Muslim Unity is Need of the Hour

715.   Pope Benedict XVI Also Not Infallible

716.   Muslims in America

717.    Natural Death of Jesus, Son of Mary

718.   Saudi Women Joining NRA

719.   Terrorism is Not a Muslim Monopoly

720.   The Impossibility of Mini-Islamic States

721.   The Status of Women in Islam

722.   Tirade Against Muslims

723.   U.S. Hispanics Embracing Islam

724.   War is Peace

725.   No Religion or Civilization has a Monopoly on Reason

726.   On the Holy Qur’an and its Interpretation

727.   Pope Spoke His Mind - and Heart

728.   The Confluence of Religion and Science

729.   The Scientific Paradigm Given in the Qur’an

730.   The Sword of Islam

731.   Ahmed Zewail: The West and Islam Need Not be in Conflict

732.   There is More to Muslim Women Than a Head Scarf (Hijab)

733.   Response to Turning Swords into Bombs

734.   Veil (Hijab) Furor Hides an Arrogant Bias

735.   21st Century: Poverty, Knowledge and Equality

736.   A reality Check on Terrorism

737.   About Astronomy

738.   America Alone: The End of the World as We Know it

739.   An Islamic Renaissance

740.   Anglican Archbishop Attacks Veil

741.   Calculation- Based Calendar is Consistent With the Noble Qur'an and the Sunnah

742.   Cleric in Hijab Rape Claim

743.   Clothes Aren't the Issue

744.   Conflict

745.   Goodbye Religion

746.   Gulam Noon: A Monster of Our Own Making

747.   Hijab in the Light of the Qur'an and Hadith

748.   Hijab or Niqab

749.   Hijab Wearers Blame Crime, Not Clothes

750.   Hijab-Coverings Uncovered

751.   Let Muslim Women Speak for Themselves

752.   Is Face Veil (Niqab) Compulsory

753.   Is Islam a Threat to the Maldives

754.   Islam and Modernity

755.   Islam and Science: Oil Rich, Science Poor

756.   Islam and Science: Q&A – The Iranian Reformer

757.   Islam and Science: An Islamist Revolution

758.   Islam and Science: Ambition & Neglect

759.   Islam and Science: The Data Gap

760.   Islam was the Greatest Civilization in the World

761.   Islam, Maldives & the Reform Movement

762.   Islamic Era Science

763.   Islamic Moderates and the Great Theft

764.   Islamic Renaissance

765.   Islamic Society of North America Accuses Pope of Poor Scholarship

766.   Jesus, Dead or Alive

767.   The 'Ascension' of Jesus

768.   Jihad Against Poverty and Ignorance

769.   Mr. Bazargan's Letter to the Pope

770.   Liberation or Sexploitation

771.   Life and Beyond According to the Quran

772.   Muslim Leader's Sexist Sermon Causes Uproar

773.   Niqab and the Banner of Political Call on Islam

774.   Perspective on the Muslim Woman's Veil

775.   PMU Statement on the Niqab

776.   Pope's Call for Dialogue: One Muslim's Response

777.   Raped by a Muslim

778.   Russian Islam Goes its Own Way

779.   Scientific Iranian

780.   Sheik Covering for Men's Weakness

781.   Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

782.   Spencer: Muslim Rape? They Were Asking for it

783.   Talaq-The Divorce Issue

784.   Thanksgiving in Islam

785.   The 'Burqa' Controversy - to Cover or Not to Cover

786.   The Disintegration of the Islamic State

787.   The Essence of Hinduism

788.   The Hijab: Never Voluntary

789.   The Scientific Paradigm Given in the Qur’an*

790.   No Religion or Civilization has a Monopoly on Reason

791.   The Veil: Too Obviously Hidden

792.   Top Ten Misconceptions About Islam

793.   Turkey: Archeologist Claims Islamic Headscarf Derives From Sex Rites

794.   Universities in Muslim Countries

795.   US Turns Space Into its Colony

796.   Veils

797.   We Have Turned Iraq Into the Most Hellish Place on Earth

798.   What is Religion

799.   What it Really Feels Like to Wear the 'Burqa'

800.   Who is Responsible for a Rape

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