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Articles 1201 - 1300

1201.   Arabs, Franks, and the Battle of Tours, 732 AD: Three Accounts

1202.   Democracy, Sure But on Whose Terms

1203.   Islam Led the World in Science and Art

1204.   Make that the New ONE TRUE Religion

1205.   Mark Twain and the Sins of Our Race

1206.   Modern Stress and its Cure from Qur'an

1207.   Modesty and Identity in Reference to Hijab

1208.   Mughals and Backwardness of Indian Women

1209.   Muslim Holocaust

1210.  Muslims and the Future of Space Tourism

1211.  Mutilation And Killing For Muslim "Honor" - The Other Side Of Multiculturalism: (Part One of Three)

1212.  Mutilation And Killing For Muslim "Honor": Religious Or Tribal Custom? (Part Two of Three)

1213.  Mutilation And Killing For Muslim "Honor": Religious Or Tribal Custom? (Part Three of Three)

1214.  New Renaissance according to Hassan Al-Banna

1215.  No End to Charitable Deeds

1216.  Occupation, Not Islam, ‘Drives Suicide Attacks’

1217.  Patience & Gratitude: Man Cannot Do Without Patience

1218.  Peace in the 21st Century

1219.  Perfect Good Manners

1220.  Neuroplasticity, Dhikr and Recovery

1221.  Prohibitions That are Taken too Lightly

1222.  Redefining Our Womanhood

1223.  Smoking: A Social Poison

1224.  Smoking in Islam

1225.  Sources of Islamic Law

1226.  Status of Teachers in Islam

1227.  Surrendering Stereotypes

1228.  The Evils of Holocaust Denial

1229.  The High Cost of Subservience to Israel

1230.  The Martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S.)

1231.  The Missionary Position

1232.  The Neglected Value of Greetings

1233.  Ties with Non-Muslims

1234.  To My Dear Hijabi Sisters

1235.  Tongue and Teeth

1236.  Truthfulness: Staircase to Heaven

1237.  Understanding Anger and Its Causes

1238.  VIEW: Two Verdicts on Hijab

1239.  War on Terror Looks Like a Fraud

1240.  What is Modernism and Where did it Come From

1241.  What is Riba

1242.  What the Polls Says

1243.  When Tempers Hit Boiling Point

1244.  Why Did Muhammad Have so Many Wives

1245.  Why the West Fears Islam: The Enemy Within

1246.  Why They Hate Us

1247.  Why Women Wear a Hijab in Algeria

1248.  Women In Islam - Beyond the Stereotypes

1249.  Women Under Islam (Part One of Four)

1250.  Women Under Islam (Part Two of Four)

1251. A Verdict Regarding the Saudi Regime

1252.  Agenda for Muslims

1253.  Better Worlds

1254.  Burqa to no Burqa Mike Ghouse

1255.  Completely Detached from the World

1256.  Devil's Advocate

1257.  Directions to Giving Naseehah

1258.  Do Business and Islam Mix

1259.  From Fiqh to Quran Resolving Apostasy

1260.  Hijab Doesn't Define Women

1261.  Hindu Reformation and Equality

1262.  Imams and Khatibs Need Dialogues with Congregation

1263.  Islam in Greece

1264.  Islam, Reason, and Science

1265.  Jihad Renegotiated

1266.  Knowledge an Imperative

1267.  Misunderstanding Muslims

1268.  Moderates Need to Take on Jihadists

1269.  Modernizing Islam in a Modern World

1270.  Mufti Bans Female Circumcision

1271.  Muslim Women Gives Sex Advice on Arab TV

1272.  Muslim Youth Want Freedom of Education in India

1273.  Muslims Embracing Our American-ness

1274.  Muslims in Kerala And Elsewhere Accounting for the Difference

1275.  Observing a Veil Doesn't Make Women Pious

1276.  Obsession with Slandering Islam and Muslims

1277.  Once Upon A Loss: The Life and Times of Imam Abdallah Haron

1278.  Only Traditional Islam can Change Islam

1279.  Reclaiming Our Heritage as Muslims and Americans

1280.  Redefining Hinduism

1281.  Role of God

1282.  SANE: An Islamophobic Group Attempts to Banish Islam from the U.S.

1283.  Seven Ways to Deal With Stress

1284.  Sex and the Mad Mullahs

1285.  Sex and the Suadi Girl

1286.  Spirituality Key to Understanding Islam

1287.  Still Blogging in Berkeley

1288.  The Muslim Faithless

1289.  The Road Home

1290.  They Came by Sword and Will go by Sword

1291.  Top 10 Myths About Islam

1292.  Tyranny of the Few

1293.  U.S. can Ill Afford the Perception that We are at War with Islam

1294.  Whats Happened with Lal Masjid in Pakistan

1295.  Will We Muslims Ever Rise Above

1296.  Window into Hearts and Minds of Muslims

1297.  Women Under Islam Part Four of Four

1298.  Women Under Islam Part Three of Four

1299.  Why Do They Hate Us?

1300.  Women in Hijab Need Sunlight or Risk Illness

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