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Articles 1501 - 1600

1501.  2nd Coming of Jesus

1502.  A lesson in Humility for the Smug West

1503.  Afghan Koran Distributor Arrested

1504.  All Modern Discoveries are by Muslim Scientists

1505.  Allama Iqbal My Meeting with Allama Iqbal

1506.  Attacking Iran for Israel

1507.  Blatant Double Standards

1508.  Divisions in our World are not the Result of Religion

1509.  English Enriched by Centuries of Borrowed Arabic Words

1510.  Gurdjieff: The Founder Of American Mysticism

1511.  Hadith-Fabricated Ahaadeeth

1512.  Hijab: How It Protects and Benefits


1514.  How Islamic Inventors Changed the World

1515.  How the Muslims Saved the West

1516.  Imagery of Ram Rajya and Gujarat

1517.  Iqbal and  His Impact On The Islamic Revivalism In Indonesia

1518.  Modi Must Be Punished

1519.  Money, Riba, Usury and Interest

1520.  Muslim Contribution to Eurpoe

1521.  Quran and Muslims

1522.  Reason and Revelation

1523.  Reinterpreting Islam

1524.  Riba, Money and Currency

1525.  Science and  the Islamic World

1526.  Science and the Islamic world-The Quest for Rapprochement

1527.  Sciences ..This is what Islam has to say on Science

1528.  Sexy Malaysian Women Emotionally Abuse Islamic Men

1529.  Shaking Hands With a Non-Mahram

1530.  Status of Eunuchs

1531.  Superstition Trumps Medicine

1532.  The American Police State

1533.  The Catastrophic Military Occupation Of Iraq Is Rarely Described Accurately In The U.S. Media

1534.  The Impact of Iqra Revolution on the Development of Information Technology

1535.  The Quran and the West

1536.  The Sanctification of the Burka

1537.  The Threat From Within

1538.  The Unique Position of Muslims

1539.  The Wahhabis are Coming, the Wahhabis are Coming

1540.  Trusting Allah

1541.  U.S. Gives Anti-Terror Funds to Mostly Jewish Non-Profit Groups

1542.  U.S. Support for Israel spurred 9/11

1543.  Vatican Rebuffs Muslim Outreach: Quran cited as the Main Obstacle

1544.  Wearing a Burqa

1545.  When Is a Saudi Woman Considered an Adult

1546.  Why Muslim Women Veil - Part 2

1547.  Why Muslim Women Veil - Part 1

1548.  Why Muslims Lag Behind

1549.  Why Shouldn't Iran have Nuclear Weapons

1550.  Women as Imams

1551.  25 Ways to Deal With Stress and Anxiety

1552.  1421: The Year a Chinese Muslim Discovered America

1553.  A British Woman on a Mission

1554.  Abu Al-Qasim Al-Zahrawy

1555.  Attacking Iran: Americans Will Kill Even Their Own

1556.  Ayan Hirsi Ali: A One-Note Islam Critic

1557.  Bernard Lewis and the Neocon View of Islam

1558.  Carter Speaks His Mind

1559.  Child Prisoners of the 'Holy' Land

1560.  Cut Israel Off

1561.  Dealing With Death

1562.  Divisions in Our World Are Not The Result of Religion

1563.  Does Hijab or Veil Show Islamic Social Ineptness

1564.  Dollar's Fall Collapses American Empire

1565.  Floating on a Cloud of Mercy

1566.  Hidden Clue

1567.  How Much the World Owed to Muslim Scientists

1568.  Is the Black Stone an Idol

1569.  Islam in America Before Columbus

1570.  Islam Through the Front Door

1571.  Islam, Christianity and the Veil (Hijab)

1572.  Mother Considers Teachers in Hijabs a Threat

1573.  Mullahs Destroying Islam: Kalbe Sadiq

1574.  Muslim Medical Students Get Picky

1575.  My Faith is a Mess

1576.  Native American Muslims

1577.  Nothing Wrong With Banning Wearing of Hijab

1578.  Pluralism: Gods Desire or Will

1579.  Prayer Attire - Is it Really Necessary

1580.  Precolumbian Muslims in the Americans

1581.  Qatif Court Convicts Rape Victim

1582.  Qur'an, Many Interpretations

1583.  Science and Religion, Refuting the Lies

1584.  Science and the Islamic World-The Quest for Rapprochement

1585.  Some Miracles of the Qur'an Relating the Universe - Black Hole

1586.  Story of Baghdad

1587.  The Concept of Islamic State

1588.  The Hijab: Your Questions Answered

1589.  The Last Refuge

1590.  The Nostalgia of Islamic Golden Age vs. the History of Science

1591.  The One-State Reality

1592.  The Truth About "Islamic Science"

1593.  'They Want to Take Us Back 14 Centuries'

1594.  UN Security Council Reform: Veto Right for Japan

1595.  What Went Wrong

1596.  When the light of Islam Almost Vanished

1597.  Who is Ayaan Hirsi Ali

1598.  Why Israel Has No "Right to Exist" as a Jewish State

1599.  Women as Weapons of War: Iraq, Sex, and the Media

1600.  Zion-power and War: From Iraq to Iran

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