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Articles 1901 - 2000

1901. A German's Point of View on Islam
1902. Al-Andalusia Decline of a Plural Culture
1903. Ashura! A Day of Condolence or Celebration
1904. Ban the Burqa, the Hijab and the Niqab
1905. Banks are Helping Sharia Make a Back-Door Entrance
1906. Bringing Death and Destruction to Muslims
1907. By Allah I Will Continue to Wear
1908. Calculation-Based Calendar
1909. Causality in the Islamic Outlook and in Modern Physics
1910. Clash With Islam
1911. Clearing up Misconceptions of the Muslim Faith
1912. Debate Rages on About Being a 'Proper' Muslim
1913. Decisive Blows from the Divine Throne
1914. For the Non-Muslims from a Canadian Lady
1915. Give All Women the Benefit of Advocacy
1916. Hijabs for Canadian Life
1917. Hindus Participate in Muharram
1918. Honor Killings: When the Ancient and the Modern Collide
1919. Honour Killing Has no Place in Islam
1920. Honour Killing
1921. Hussain's Great Sacrifice
1922. Is Islam a Religion of Fatalism
1923. Is it Necessary to Remarry After Embracing Islam
1924. Life After Death
1925. Limits of Bhutto's Moderation
1926. Misguided Character
1927. Muslim Women - Energetic, Free and Faithful
1928. Muslim Women in the West Victimized by Fundamentalist Islam
1929. Muslim Women Losing Out in the West as Well
1930. Muslim Youth Speak out About Wearing of the Hijab
1931. Myths About Islam
1932. Of Cultural Crimes and Denials
1933. Pentagon's Islam Expert Hoisted by His Own Jihad
1934. Principles of Success
1935. Studying Islam
1936. The Death of Science in Islam - The Culprits
1937. The Death of Science in Islam
1938. The Fallacy of Grievance-Based Terrorism
1939. The Global War on Terrorism
1940. The Guts to Criticize and do it Well
1941. The Hijab - What Does it Mean for Women
1942. The Hijab is no Different than Plastic Surgery
1943. The Hinduism I Know
1944. The Hoax of Zionism and Anti-Semitism
1945. The Jihadist Mind
1946. Top 10 Reasons I Love Hijab
1947. We Want to Offer Sharia Law to Britain
1948. What Influence Does Saudi Money Buy
1949. Why do I Wear Hijab
1950. Why the West Seized the World

1951. 123s of Married Life
1952. 33 Tips to Personal Jihad
1953. 7 Common Mistakes Usually We Make in Prayers
1954. A Dream of Epic Proportions
1955. A Girl With Guts
1956. A Matter of Choice -Clothes Don't Define Who a Muslim Is
1957. An Islamic Renaissance
1958. Arabs Must Take a Long, Self-Critical Look in the Mirror
1959. Are We Thinking We Are Thinking
1960. Army Gets First Muslim Major General From Kashmir
1961. Bahrain- Should Young Girls Wear Hijab
1962. Being American - And Muslim
1963. Blair's Jihad for Faith
1964. Christianity and the Survival of Ancient Learning
1965. Columnist Challenges Women to Wear Hijab for a Day
1966. 'Fitna' is Surely Trash
1967. Free Speech and Muslims in Europe
1968. Getting to the Bottom of the Great Divide
1969. Hijab or Hellfire
1970. Hijab Wearers Blame Crime, Not Clothes
1971. Human Rights in Islam
1972. Innovation in Religion From a Poet's Viewpoint
1973. Islam Perspective on Human Cloning
1974. Muslim 'Separatists' Protest as Unrest Spreads in China
1975. Muslim True or False
1976. Muslim Women and the Hijab
1977. Muslim Women Wear the Hijab 'As a Right'
1978. Muslims of India Since Partition
1979. Palestinians Continue to Think It
1980. Rabih on Allah vs. 'God'
1981. Romancing the War
1982. Saeeda Begum - Finding the Prophet in His People
1983. Sania Mirza, the Honor of Muslim Girl
1984. Should the U.S. End Aid to Israel
1985. Smoking in Islam
1986. Sources of Islamic Law
1987. Strategic Manure
1988. The Battle for Kosovo on the Internet
1989. The Ideal Husband
1990. The Veil ( Hijab) in Christianity
1991. There Was No Torah, No Gospel, No Qur'an, No Holy Writ
1992. Time to Burn Islamic Books
1993. To Arab World - The Truth About Kosovo
1994. Tudung (Hijab) - Definitions and Different Meanings
1995. U.S. Muslims and Mormons Share Deepening Ties
1996. U.S. - Israeli Dual Citizenship - Loyal to Whom
1997. What is Jihad
1998. Women Play a Role in Changes in the Islamic world
1999. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown - We Must Learn More About These Murderous Men
2000. You Will be Surprised What Happens

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