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Articles 5001 - 6000

5001. Celebrating the night of the Isra
5002. Challenges  of Muslims Living in America
5003. Chandra Muzaffar on Pluralism
5004. Character
5005. Children and sex education
5006. Combining Prayers
5007. Comments on the Message of the Qur'an by Muhammad Asad
5008. Concept of Psyche in Islam
5009. Conditions for Victory, Reasons for Defeat
5010. Conflict Resolution
5011. Confluence of Civilisations
5012. Consistency in remaining upright and steadfast
5013. Contemplations
5014. Contextualising Islam in Britain
5015. Convention on Status of Muslims in Contemporary India begins
5016. Coping with Personal Problems
5017. Cosmopolitan Fiqh
5018. Critical Thinking on Terrorism, Islam, and World Peace
5019. Criticizing Muslims is not freedom of expression
5020. CRUCIBLE-Ramadan month of Immense bestowal
5021. Cultural ignorance during war
5022. Dawa, Diversity and Empathy
5023. Dates - Medicinal Food  of the Qur'an
5024. Dawn of our correct belief
5025. Dealing with a Child who Gets Angry Quickly
5026. Death - A Gift for a Believer
5027. Death and Resurrection
5028. Debate over who is and is not a good Muslim tearing the Muslim community apart
5029. Debating skills of a master- lessons from Imam Abu Hanifah
5030. Declaring something halal or haram
5031. Decline and Fall of the American Empire
5032. Decoupling Honour Killings From Islam
5033. Deeni Haneefa-The Upright Religion
5034. Deeni Haneefa
5035. Defining Islam, people of the book, Kafir
5036. Developing thinking minds
5037. Dhikr Allah
5038. Dhu Nuwas And The Najran Massacre
5039. Did Hitler Want War
5040. Did the Prophet massacre and persecute the Jews in Madina
5041. Did You Defend Your Brother
5042. Did you pray your Tahiyat ul Masjid
5043. Difference in Gheebah
5044. Dignified Death
5045. Discussing Terrorism and Jihad
5046. Discussion and Debate
5047. Dispute over Granting of State Award to Egyptian Liberal Sayyed Al-Qimni
5048. Divine Decree
5049. Divine Mystery
5050. Do Headscarfs = Hijab
5051. Do Not Reciprocate
5052. Do secular laws benefit Muslims
5053. Do Unto Others
5054. Do's and Dont's From Quran Surah Al-Bakarah - Part 5
5055. Does Allah really value women
5056. Does God's Law Trump Civil Law
5057. Does the Bible Promote Violence to Fight Injustice
5058. Doing Salaat while one's head is uncovered
5059. Don't be duped
5060. Don't blame God for our failures
5061. Don't Blame God
5062. Don't dealy Hajj anymore
5063. Don't Jeopardise Rise of Afghan Women
5064. Don't teach your wife Geography
5065. Dont Blame Femmes Du Maroc
5066. Dr Amina Wadud - For a Progressive Islam
5067. Du'as and Adkhar for Dealing with Depression
5068. Dua is the Weapon of the Believer
5069. Earthquakes
5070. Education is the most powerful weapon
5071. Effects and purposes of Hajj
5072. Egypt Launches New Campaign Against Niqab
5073. Eid Al Adha Khutbah - 8 December 2008
5074. Eid Al Fitr sermon-bin Saalih al-'Uthaimeen
5075. Eid prayers
5076. Eid ul Adha History and Origin
5077. Eid ul Fitr in different countries
5078. Eid, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
5079. Elements and Dynamics of Quran Study
5080. Enjoy the life but don't forget Allah
5081. Ethical Verses in Shahnameh
5082. Etiquettes of Disagreement
5083. Etiquettes of Eating
5084. Europe's Dark Age and Islam's Golden Age
5085. Europe's Renaissance is Islamic
5086. Every Time He Improves in Worship, he goes back to Sin
5087. Everyone Is a Shepherd and Responsible for his Flock
5088. Extremism in Joining Ankles in Prayer
5089. Extremist Jihadist Islamist Terrorist
5090. Fabricated hadiths - Last Part
5091. Fabricated hadiths - Part 2
5092. Fabrication of hadith-Part 1
5093. Facing Death with Cancer - Thoughts of a Muslim
5094. Facts about the Quran
5095. Facts of Qur'an
5096. Failure of Muslim Societies
5097. Faith and Reason in Islam- Islamic Ideology
5098. Family planning and the Quran
5099. Fareed Zakaria
5100. Fasting is an Education and Training
5101. Fate and Destiny in Islam
5102. Female author criticizes interpretations of Islam
5103. Female Sudanese Journalist Risks 40 Lashes for Protesting Arrest of Women Wearing Pants
5104. Financial and Marital Harmony
5105. Fiqh made Easy - Fasting - Part 2
5106. Fiqh of Jihad - Part 1
5107. Fiqh of Jihad
5108. Five recession strategies for your 401(k)
5109. Five ways to make this Ramadan extraordinary
5110. Fjordman
5111. For everything there is a polish and the polish for the heart is the dhikr of Allaah
5112. For Muslims Healthier Living through Fasting
5113. Forced Marriage is not acceptable
5114. Former Muslim terrorist promotes Islamic moderate movement
5115. Four Questions on the Day of Judgment
5116. Free Mixing in Islam
5117. Free Will and Predestination
5118. Freedom is an illusion for many Muslim women-Britain is letting them down
5119. Freedom of Choice
5120. Friday Khutbah - Quran as a miracle
5121. Friendship in its Proper Settings
5122. From Cocktail Pub to Islam
5123. From Leopold Weiss to Muhammad Asad
5124. From the Gulf to the Ocean One Arab Nation
5125. Front-line science and technology education
5126. Fruits of Ramadaan
5127. Gearing Up for Ramadhaan
5128. Geert Wilders On Hate Speech In The Koran
5129. General Zia-ul-Haq's death-A Criminal Conspiracy
5130. Germany Avoids Criticizing Radical Islam and Radical Muslims
5131. Globalization- an Islamic Perspective
5132. Good Advice
5133. Graduating from Ramadan
5134. Grand mufti calls for acceptance of other viewpoints
5135. Gratitude Strengthens Faith
5136. Greed
5137. Guidance of the Prophet on Eid Prayers
5138. Hadith Bukhari on Divine Will
5139. Hajj - the Antithesis of Aimlessness
5140. Happiness in Islam - Part 1 of 3
5141. Harmony and Equilibrium in Hadith
5142. Harms of Argumentation and Disputation
5143. Harun Yahya exposed in New Humanist
5144. Harun Yahya preaches Islam, awaits Jesus
5145. Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years
5146. Hasten To Do Good
5147. Hate Speech
5148. Having a Free Will and having a Destiny scientifically explained
5149. He is alike a brother
5150. He starts with the neighbor whose home is closest to his own
5151. Healing Power of Faith and prayer
5152. Hell
5153. Heroic Deeds of Muslim Women
5154. Hide and Seek
5155. Britain's Muslim Marriages Chaos
5156. History of Hijab or Head covering
5157. History of Mathematics
5158. History of Uzbekistan
5159. Hold yourselves to account before you are held to accountable
5160. Holocaust- The Glory Of The Well Adjusted
5161. Homosexuality in Islam
5162. Homosexuality in Urdu poetry
5163. Honesty - A key ingredient to happiness
5164. Horror of Dual Citizenship with India
5165. How can we tell the saheeh ahaadeeth from the fabricated ones
5166. How is the Nation of Islam different from mainstream Islam
5167. How Israel Gained Control of America
5168. How Israels Nuclear Arsenal endangers Us All
5169. How Purposelessness Affects the Society
5170. How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier
5171. How to Boost Ramadan Spirit
5172. How to Deliver the Friday Khutbah
5173. How to Overcome and Abandon Jealousy
5174. How to seek knowledge if you can't reach people of knowledge
5175. How to Solve maritial problems
5176. How will you spend your last day
5177. How would you respond to the Claim that Sufism is bid'ah
5178. Human element in mosques counts
5179. Humility (Tawadhu') As an Attribute of a Leader
5180. Husbands with goals to Nurture Happy Wives
5181. I am a Witness to the Changes in Islam
5182. Ideological diversity should be respected
5183. Idol Worship
5184. Ijtihad and Mujtahid
5185. Ikhlaas and Riyaa(Showing Off)
5186. Imam Ali and Knowledge
5187. IMAN- the Passionate Life
5188. Impact of the Qur'an on the Muslim Women
5189. Importance of Banana in Our Life
5190. Importance of Beard in Islam
5191. Importance of Health in Islam
5192. In the Shade of Laylat al-Qadr
5193. India Today has no synpathy for the pain Tasleema Nasrin has to  suffer
5194. Indians and Pakistanis are no longer the same people in any significant sense
5195. Injunctions for Social Living
5196. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi Raji un
5197. Inner peace in Islam
5198. Innovations During the Last Ten  Days of Ramadan
5199. Innovative Way to Memorize the Quran
5200. Inquisitions Defend Against Radical Islam
5201. Instigate Love to Allah
5202. Intelligent Design 101- Is ID Religious Creationism in Disguise
5203. Interfaith, Pluralism and Islam
5204. Internet Virus Frames Users For Child Porn
5205. Interview on Tawhid
5206. Introduction to Quran and Sunna for interfaith dialogue
5207. Iqbal and Islamic Thought
5208. Iran Secretly Helped U.S. Bomb Taliban Units
5209. Is  Allah Pleased with Me
5210. Is covering compulsory for Muslim women
5211. Is Family Planning Allowed in Islam
5212. Is Life Without Purpose
5213. Is the future of the BJP at risk
5214. Ishrat Jahan killing staged
5215. Ishrat Jahan Murder
5216. Ishrat Jahan- Murder in Cold Blood
5217. Islam - Truths Obama Forgot in Cairo -Conclusion
5218. Islam and Dialectical Reasoning
5219. Islam and Ethics
5220. Islam and modernity
5221. Islam and Science 09-08-09
5222. Islam and Science-Religious Orthodoxy and Battle for Rationality
5223. Islam and Science
5224. Islam and Women
5225. Islam bashing is not new
5226. Islam doesn't need Enlightenment
5227. Islam in the West
5228. Islam is nothing new
5229. Islam is the Universal Religion
5230. Islam not inherently violent any more than Christianity is
5231. Islam's contribution to Agriculture and related matters
5232. Islam's divinity through science - The Savior of Western Civilization
5233. Islam, Modernity and Reform
5234. Islam, Science and Civilization
5235. Islamic fundamentalism-Is the Taliban Mindest compatible with Shariah
5236. Islamic Spirituality
5237. Islamic State of Sicily
5238. Islamic Tradition and religious pluralism
5239. Islamic Unification in Theory and Practice
5240. ISNA Traces Islam History in America
5241. Israel is the dagger stabbed into the heart of the Muslim world
5242. Israel's worst enemies are those who support its policies
5243. Istirja
5244. It is Easy to Gain Thawab
5245. It is Sudanese law that is offensive, not women wearing trousers
5246. It's Official- RSS  is the Boss
5247. Jihad is the most misunderstood word in Islam
5248. Journey By Night (Isra) of the Prophet
5249. Journey into America
5250. Jumuah Khutbah-Etiquettes
5251. Karadzic - Looking For A Monster, And Finding Only A Man
5252. Keep them good company in this world
5253. Kerala's Love Jihad
5254. Key Recommendations from Anhad's National Meet on Status of Muslims
5255. Khutbah on Being Good to Parents
5256. Khutbah Transcript - Blessings of Dhikr
5257. Kitaab at-Tawheed Explained
5258. Knowledge is what benefits
5259. Korean Muslim Community Observes Ramadan
5260. Ladies as 'Hooded Bandits'
5261. Lailatul Qadr - The Night of Power
5262. Lailatul Qadr
5263. Last Word of Nabi Kareem S.A.A.W
5264. Learning Self-Discipline during Ramadan
5265. Legislated way of correctly giving Naseehah
5266. Lessons from early American conversations with Islam
5267. Lessons from the Farewell Pilgrimage
5268. Let the sinner separate himself
5269. Letter of Mujahid to his mother
5270. Making the Intention to Fast
5271. Mankind's Need for Islam
5272. Manners of Seeking Knowledge
5273. Marriage is not lust and the woman is not just pleasure and enjoyment
5274. Maybe
5275. Meaning and Essence of Prayer
5276. Meaning of the Arabic Word Hijab
5277. Memorising Qur'an improves Academic Performance
5278. Micro-financing to end women exploitation, eliminate poverty
5279. Milestones by Sayid Qutb
5280. Miracles of Qur'an
5281. Missing the Friday Prayer in the West Because of Work
5282. Modesty is a Part of Faith
5283. Mona Eltahawy on the burqa
5284. Moral Training
5285. Moral Vaccination
5286. Moscow's Muslim University
5287. Mother of all vices
5288. Movie Review  Journey Into America
5289. Muhammad (A Brief History of Revolutionary Monotheism, Part Four)
5290. Muhammad Asad Visionary Islamic Scholar
5291. MUHAMMAD May Peace of God Be Upon Him
5292. Muhammed (SAW)
5293. Music in Muslim Spain
5294. Muslim Academic Claims Compatibility Between Homosexuality and Islam
5295. Muslim Contribution to Chemistry
5296. Muslim History
5297. Muslim inventors
5298. Muslim lecturer discusses importance of Quran and unique use of language
5299. Muslim organization urges Ottawa to ban burkas
5300. Muslim priests at 900-yr-old Shiva temple in Kashmir
5301. Muslim Spouse Selection Guide
5302. Muslim Students Reflect on Ramadan Celebration
5303. Muslim Tatars Dream of Crimea Mosque
5304. Muslim teachers 'misrepresenting' Darwin's evolution theory
5305. Muslim Woman Leads World Science Journalists
5306. Muslim women and property rights
5307. Muslim women need protection beyond sharia law
5308. Muslim women reclaiming their rights
5309. Muslim women set the record straight
5310. Muslim's Character
5311. Muslims - the 'Real Going Back'
5312. Muslims are the problem and Islam is the solution
5313. Muslims celebrate Isra wal Miraj'erydoc
5314. Muslims divided on other faiths
5315. Muslims observe a month of reflection
5316. Muslims To Make Majority of Earth's Population in the Future
5317. Muslims vs. Muslim
5318. Muslims worldwide see renaissance of Sufi way of spirituality during Ramadan
5319. Muslims, Jews and the Noble Prize
5320. Muslims, Modernity and the West- the Great Deception-Part 1
5321. My conversion to Islam has been intellectual and emotional
5322. My Journey Towards Islam
5323. My Kashmir - Conflict and the Prospect of Enduring Peace
5324. Myths - Nonviolence and Islam
5325. Natural Healer
5326. Nazrul Islam and Abbasuddin
5327. Nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide is Muslim
5328. Necessary Tips for Raising Children Islamically
5329. Newsweek wants you to relax and forget about the jihad against Europe
5330. Night of mystic power
5331. Nine Great Benefits of Reading Quran
5332. Nine great benefits of reciting the Quran
5333. Niqab ban is inevitable in secular France
5334. Niqab in Focus
5335. No conflict between Islamic teachings and pursuit of scientific knowledge
5336. No Holds Barred
5337. No Such Thing as Sharia' Law
5338. No-Strings Marriage - Urfi, Misyar
5339. Non-Muslims  instead of  Kuffar
5340. Nor does anyone know what he will earn tomorrow
5341. Nuclear conference criticizes Israeli nukes
5342. Nurturing Our Potential
5343. Obama and Islam -Part 1
5344. Obama's challenge-Islamic Renaissance
5345. Of Lost Souls and Lucky Stiffs
5346. Of subjugation and sexuality
5347. OIC Speech by His Excellency Prof.  Ejkmeleddin Ihsanoglu
5348. OIC- 40 years of failure
5349. On day-to-day Masail of Muslims
5350. On Death and Dying
5351. On religion and philosophy-Ibn Rushd and Rambam
5352. On Sufism    WHAT IS SUFISM
5353. On Wills and Bequests
5354. One Renaissance Was Enough
5355. Opinion -  Boycott Israel
5356. Our (American) Suicide Bombers
5357. Our pious predecessors and their recitation of the Qur'an
5358. Our sons are used as involuntary organ donors by Israel
5359. Our Women - the Essence of the Ummah
5360. Pakistan Movement veterans share stories of Partition
5361. Pakistan must confront Wahhabism
5362. Pakistan-As Envisaged by Iqbal and Jinnah
5363. Pants wearing woman challenges Sundan's Decency Law
5364. Parables in the Qur'an
5365. Parenting successfully according to Islam
5366. Patiently deciphering religion
5367. Pedophilia - Dr. William's Dishonest Scholarship
5368. Placing Hands Beneath Navel in Namaz
5369. Plan well and secure your future
5370. Police beat women opposing Sudan dress code trial
5371. Polygamy- how can Muslim men have two wives
5372. Prayer during Menses
5373. Predestination vs.  Free Will+B652
5374. Prepare for the Future
5375. President Obama's Nuclear Opportunity - Dialogue with Iran and Blow Israel's Ambiguity
5376. Problems with Hitchens and Islam
5377. Prohibition for slander
5378. Prophet's Guidance in Treating Afflications
5379. Protecting our Children in a World Gone Mad
5380. Qiyaam al-Layl (Night Prayers)
5381. Qualities of an Exemplary Leader
5382. Quotes of Marcus Aurelius
5383. Quran Stories for Children
5384. Quranic Concept of Time
5385. Qutbism as ideology
5386. Ramadan Fasting at the Arctic and Antarctic Areas
5387. Ramadan - Fasting Strengthens Discipline
5388. Ramadan - more than just fasting, a time to give
5389. Ramadan - The month of the Qur'an
5390. Ramadan In History
5391. Ramadan is a time for Muslims to fast and reflect
5392. Ramadan is About Sharing and Forgiving
5393. Ramadan resolutions
5394. Ramadan thoughts - Haj and Umra- Frequently asked Questions
5395. Ramadan,  month of immense bestowal
5396. Ramadan, the month of the Qur'an
5397. Ramadan-the month of the Qur'an-Haque
5398. Ramadhan Checklist
5399. Reading the Qur'an in the Dark
5400. Reading the signs-a Qur'anic Perspective on Thinking
5401. Real Happiness and Inner Peace
5402. Real or Myth
5403. Reciting Al-Qur'an
5404. Red on Women Drives Men Wild
5405. Regarding the Shadow of the Messenger
5406. Relating terrorism to Islam betrays prejudice
5407. Religion in the public sphere
5408. Religion- Three Religions, One God
5409. Relying on Allaah and Abiding by the Means
5410. Remembrance (Zikr) of the Prophet
5411. Researchers Dubious that Islamic Saudi Academy Curriculum Problems Solved
5412. Reviving our sense of Gheerah
5413. Rewards, Benefits and Virtues of Quran and its Recitation
5414. Rich, Islamist and post-feminist
5415. Rules for a Happy Marriage
5416. Rulings of Udhiyah
5417. Running on Empty
5418. Sacred Hands of Rasoolullah
5419. Salah - Various Types
5420. Sarkozy's problem with 'Burqa'
5421. Saudi Arabia's generation gap
5422. Saudi Arabian princess seeks asylum in Britain over illegitimate child
5423. Saudi man arrested for TV sex talk
5424. Saudi princess granted British asylum
5425. Sawm or Siyaam -The Virtues and Benefits of Fasting
5426. Saying Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
5427. Science and the Islamic world - The quest for rapprochment
5428. Science and the Islamic World
5429. Science-Islam's forgotten geniuses
5430. Scientific proof that men look at women
5431. Scientists' Comments on the Qur'an
5432. Scintific Facts Mentioned in the Qur'an
5433. Seeing Islam in the Right Political Perspective
5434. Seeking Knowledge an Imperative
5435. Seeking Knowledge
5436. Seizing the Opportunity of the Last Third of Ramadan
5437. Sermons During the Taraweeh
5438. Seven Lies About Lying- Part 1
5439. Seven Lies About Lying-Part 2
5440. Seven people will be shaded by Allah
5441. Shares of woman in property
5442. Sharia Law - The evil tool
5443. Sharia Vigilantes
5444. Shariah Courts in Britain
5445. Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah on Muslim Unity
5446. Shaykh Jamal Zarabozo
5447. She instills good behavior and attitudes in her children
5448. Sheikh Tantawi Plans Niqab Ban At Al-Azhar
5449. Shirin Ebadi and Defending the Rule of Islam
5450. Short story with a Moral
5451. Significance of Bismillah
5452. Silence is violence
5453. Simplicity is Divinity Profound
5454. Sincere Advice from The Sheikhah Al-Waadi'eeyah
5455. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
5456. Six things that cause someone to go astray
5457. Sleeping and Missing salaat al-Fajr
5458. So That Islam Might Not Die
5459. Societies in the information age
5460. Some Common Mistakes in Ramadaan
5461. Some Facts about the Qur'an
5462. Some miracles of the holy quran including numbers of word repetitions
5463. Spain's Cordoba -- or as it's known in Islamic history, Qurtuba,  Malaga and Tarifa
5464. Sparkles from the Pearls of Wisdom
5465. Speaking Privately with Allah
5466. Spiritual Cheddar
5467. Splitting of the Moon an Amazing Story
5468. Staying up late at nights-Problems and Solutions
5469. Stem the Rot in the Madrasas
5470. Story about Praying on Time
5471. Story of a Muslim Convert
5472. Story of the Pearl Necklace
5473. Striving Hard, competing for Good Deeds in Ramadan
5474. Study paints rare portrait of Muslim-Americans
5475. Sufism in a Nutshell
5476. Sufism is the Heart of Islam
5477. Sufyaan's Naseehat to Harun al-Rashid
5478. Sunnah of eating, sleeping, dressing
5479. Supplication-Du'a is a part of worship
5480. Sura Kafirun
5481. Swine Flu Prevention
5482. The End Times
5483. Tahiyatul masjid evidence
5484. Tahiyyatul  Masjid and Sunnah Prayers
5485. Take benefit from the Quran
5486. Tarikate
5487. Tasawwuf- Comprehensive, Modern and Scientific
5488. Tears before pearls
5489. Temptation Island
5490. TEXAS FAITH-Why Should Science Talk to Religion
5491. The 68 individuals named as culpable in the Liberhan Commission of Enquiry Report
5492. The Aminah Assilmi Story
5493. The Arab world and democracy
5494. The Battle against one's Base Self
5495. The Believing Men and Women-Part 1
5496. The Calamities of Ahmed Deedat
5497. The Call of Ibrahim
5498. The Capacity to Forgive is a Sign of Magnanimity
5499. The Character of Muslim Women
5500. The coming of the white imams
5501. The Complete Infidel's Guide to the  Koran
5502. The concept of destiny in ISLAM
5503. The conversion to Islam of James Farrell
5504. The corruption of the great religion of Islam  Hadith Truth Revealed
5505. The corruption of the great religion of Islam
5506. The Creed of Imam al-Tahawi
5507. The Crucifixion  the rather wobbly keystone of Christianity
5508. The debate on preventing bigamy via conversion to Islam must focus on gender justice
5509. The Descendants of Alexander the Great
5510. The Development of Medicine During the Islamic Renaissance
5511. The Difference between envy and jealousy
5512. The distorted image of Muslim women
5513. The Doors of Repentance
5514. The dos and don'ts of defending Muslim women
5515. The Effects of Reading the Qur'an
5516. The Elephant in the Room
5517. The Erasure of Islam
5518. The Etiquette of Disagreement
5519. The everlasting miracle
5520. The Evolution of God
5521. The F-word
5522. The Fall of Atheism
5523. The fall of Delhi in 1857
5524. The Fasting of Ramadan-A Time for Thought, Action and Change
5525. The First Muezzin-Bilal Ibn Rabah, an Ethiopian
5526. The Fruit of Islam
5527. The fruits of Honesty
5528. The Fruits of Putting one's Trust in Allah 
5529. The Fruits of the prophet Muhammad
5530. The Golden Age of Islam
5531. The great debate - Imam Abu Hanifa Vs Imam Baqir
5532. The Greater The Hardship The Greater The Reward
5533. The hadeeth of Salmaan about the virtues of Ramadaan
5534. The historic account of differences among ulama and Sir Sayyid
5535. The History of Palestine
5536. The importance of consultation within a family
5537. The Inner Dimensions of Fasting
5538. The Islamic date (Hijri date) starts after Maghrib
5539. The Islamic Declaration-The Roots of Helplessness
5540. The Islamic Etiquette of Disagreement
5541. The Islamic Legal Viewpoint of Celebrating the Anniversary Night of Isra and Miraj
5542. The Islamic Stand on Music
5543. The Issue of Saints and the Hearing of the Dead in Islam
5544. The Knowledge of the UNSEEN
5545. The Legend of the Middle Ages
5546. The linguistic tragedy of the Jewish diaspora
5547. The Lost 'Thank You'
5548. The Magnanimity of Salah al Din
5549. The Making of a Muslim
5550. The Meaning of Destiny in Islam and its Relationship to Free Choice
5551. The Meaning of Jihad
5552. The Meaning of Reliance
5553. The Meaning of Tawakkul
5554. The memory of Gujarat can't be erased
5555. The Miraculous Quran-My Path to Islam
5556. The misinterpretation of 'Idribu' in 4.34 of the Qur'an
5557. The Missing Malcolm
5558. The month of the Qur'an
5559. The Moon Sighting and the Lunar Calendar
5560. The Muslim Ummah and the Contemporarary World
5561. The Niqab, Fact Vs Fiction
5562. The Noble Qur'an
5563. The People Divided into Four Categories
5564. The Period of Umar farooque's Caliphate
5565. The Philosophy of Punishments in Islam
5566. The Physical Beauty of the Prophet
5567. The Politics of Iftar
5568. The Poor in the Quran
5569. The Practical Spirituality of Muslim Women
5570. The Praiseworthy Trial
5571. The Prayer of Greeting  the Masjid in its disliked times
5572. The Principle of Movement in the Structure of Islam
5573. The Prophet's Sermon before Ramadan
5574. The Qur'an never altered
5575. The Qur'an's Covenant with the Jewish People Claims to the Holy Land
5576. The Qur'an-Israel is not for the Jews
5577. The Real Islamic 'golden age'-an oppsoing article
5578. The Real Purpose of Fasting
5579. The Refugee Who Rocked Islam-Ayaan Hirsi Ali
5580. The Reply to Thirty Questions
5581. The Roots of Terrorism
5582. The Science of Hadith
5583. The Scientific Facts Presented in the Holy Qur'an
5584. The Search for Inner Peace -Part 1 of 4
5585. The Search for Inner Peace Part 2 of 4
5586. The Search for Inner Peace Part 3 of 4
5587. The Search for Inner Peace Part 4 of 4
5588. The Secret of Shelter Island
5589. The Seven Phases of Prophet Muhammad
5590. The Son of God in the Bible and the Qur'an
5591. The story of a Latino Muslim
5592. The Story of Hazrat Pir Changi
5593. The Story of Hazrat Umar and the Roman Envoy
5594. The Story of Luqman (AS) and the Melon
5595. The strange case of Francis Collins
5596. The strange case of Karen Armstrong
5597. The Sufi's Sprititual Course
5598. The Sultans of Spain
5599. The TED Commandments
5600. The trouble with Black Muslims
5601. The truth about Arab science
5602. The Un-veiled woman
5603. The Universalism of Islam
5604. The Unseen and Unknowable Has No Place in Science
5605. The Value of a Promise
5606. The Value of Things
5607. The virtue of the last ten days of Ramadaan and Laylat al-Qadr
5608. The virtues of the first ten days of Dhu'l Hijjah
5609. The Words Of God Do Not Justify
5610. The World Still Blames America for 9-11
5611. Three Talaqs in One Sitting
5612. Time to end gender segregation in mosques Part 1
5613. Time to end gender segregation in mosques Part 2
5614. Timing between Suhoor and Fajr Prayers
5615. To be forgiving of mistakes
5616. To Gain A Place In The Sun
5617. To Hell with the United Nations
5618. To Kill a Mocking Tongue
5619. To marry educated or uneducated women - Part 1
5620. To marry educated or uneducated women - Part 2
5621. To marry educated or uneducated women - Part 3
5622. To marry educated or uneducated women - Part 4
5623. To marry educated or uneducated women-Part 5
5624. To marry educated or uneducated women-Part 6
5625. To Practice upon Knowledge
5626. Top ten reasons why sharia is bad for all societies
5627. Towards a kind and just society
5628. Towards rational political participation
5629. Traversing Deep Waters A Discourse on Practical Unity Based on Sound Knowledge
5630. Treatise for the Seekers of Guidance
5631. Treatment of Pride with External Pride
5632. Trials
5633. Tryst with Destiny
5634. Turning the clock back in Sudan - Lubna's Case
5635. Two intriguing and interesting articles on Muslim women covering
5636. U.S. survey - More know about Islam, fewer think it is violent
5637. UN Anti-Caste Charter
5638. UN body urges Israel to allow nuclear inspection
5639. UN says Israel should face war
5640. Understanding God and His Role-Impact of Economics on Physics
5641. Understanding Ramadan
5642. Understanding the Four Madhhabs
5643. Unveiling the Islamic Veil: Part -1
5644. Veil and the theory of 'Clash of Civilizations'
5645. Virtues of Islam
5646. Virtues of Knowledge which is Learnt and Taught for the sake of Allah
5647. Voice of reason
5648. Wahhabism - What is behind the label
5649. Wait for sentencing is worse than death
5650. Was America Attacked by Muslims on 9-11
5651. Was Islam Spread By The Sword In China
5652. Was Jesus Married
5653. Was Lincoln's Melungeon's Family Muslim
5654. Watch   It
5655. Watch out for the Arrow
5656. Way to Paradise
5657. Ways of obtaining baraqa - blessings in our lives
5658. Ways of obtaining baraqa
5659. We Are Abraham's children
5660. We must learn to forgive others
5661. Weak and Fabricated Hadith on Soorah Yaseen
5662. Weak and Fabricated Narrations in Popular Islamic Books
5663. What about American Terrorism
5664. What are the benefits of reading the Qur'an
5665. What can a woman who is menstruating do on Laylat al-Qadr
5666. What China Doesn't Want Others to Know
5667. What do Islam and public health have in common
5668. What does Islam say about bad breath and body smell
5669. What does Islam say about destiny and fate
5670. What does Ramadh‚n mean to you
5671. What every Muslim needs to know about Ramadan
5672. What I believe
5673. What if Obama's Middle East Strategy Failed
5674. What is 'Ehsaan'
5675. What is after Ramadhaan
5676. What is ISLAM
5677. What is Jealousy
5678. What is Salaat al-Istikharah
5679. What is Salat
5680. What Is Tasawwuf
5681. What Is The Evidence of Spending Time In The Path of Allah for 3 Days
5682. What is the mission of Islam and my Life
5683. What is the Muslim month of Ramadan
5684. What is the point of fasting beyond Ramadan
5685. What is the punishment for rape in Islam
5686. What is the Quran
5687. What is the ruling on Eid prayers
5688. What is the Tablighi Jamaat
5689. What is Wrong with the Muslim Community
5690. What it means to be a Muslim in India today
5691. What Kind  of Muslim  Am I
5692. What to Do with Islam
5693. Whatever Allaah Does - It is for Our Best
5694. When Friends Hurt Each Other
5695. Where did the Universe Come From
5696. Whether luck plays any role on our life
5697. Who are the scholars and from whom should knowledge be taken
5698. Who are You to Judge
5699. Who Needs An Islamic State
5700. Who Wrote the Holy Qur'an
5701. Wholeness and Destiny
5702. Why Bad Things Happen To Good People
5703. Why do more and more people convert to Islam every day
5704. Why do we read the Quran, even if we cannot understand a single Arabic word
5705. Why I Am Not A Muslim
5706. Why I Became a Muslim
5707. Why I Threw The Shoe
5708. Why I Wear A Hijab
5709. Why Man Has No Peace
5710. Why Muslims in the West leave Islam and what can we do about it
5711. Why must we bow to the intolerant ways of Islam
5712. Why Not Crippling Sanctions for Israel and the US
5713. Why should we read the Qur'an with Tajweed
5714. Why we fight - causes of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
5715. Why We Love Ramadhan
5716. Will Americans accept Islam
5717. With an eye to the future, Saudi Arabia launches a world class research university
5718. Woman's Share in Inheritance
5719. Women in Hell - FABRICATED  Hadith
5720. Women in Hell Hadith - Fabricated Hadith
5721. Women who taught their husbands
5722. Words of Wisdom
5723. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown-Britain's barbaric terror strategy
5724. Yearning for Allah
5725. Your Connection to Everything
5725. Zamzam Water - A Miracle
5727. Suicide Among Muslim Youth
5728. Al-Hajar al-Aswad (The Holy Black Stone)
5729. Aab-e-Zamzam
5730. Unilke Muslim Scientists, God Speaks Same Truth in and out of Mosques

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